Metallica’s James Hetfield Makes His Rock Hall Wish List

Frontman hopes his band's induction will pave the way for Motorhead, Kiss, Ted Nugent.

AUSTIN, Texas — To hear him tell it, [artist id="995"]Metallica’s James Hetfield[/artist] wasn’t even aware that his band was eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It took Black Sabbath for him to realize it.

“I never thought much about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame until we were approached to induct Black Sabbath in 2006, and then they asked us to play, which was like, ‘OK … we will!’ ” Hetfield laughed, talking to MTV News shortly before taking the stage for a “secret” SXSW Metallica set . “So we were there, and then they were saying, ‘You know, you guys are up for this in a few years.’ And I went, ‘Wow, really?’ And I started doing the math … ‘OK, 25 years after our first record … yeah, it’s now.’ And my first thought was ‘Man, it’s gone by very quickly.’ ”

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