'Twilight' Star Nikki Reed To Play Transgender Woman In 'K-11'

'It is going to be very challenging,' actress says of her upcoming role.

SANTA MONICA, California — It's one of the most intriguing Hollywood movies currently in development. It marks the filmmaking debut of [movieperson id="262629"]Kristen Stewart's[/movieperson] mother. It will once again pair her red-hot Hollywood daughter alongside another sexy [movie id="369195"]"Twilight"[/movie] actress. Oh, and did we mention they're playing dudes?

Very little is known about the movie "K-11" — until now.

"K-11 is where they basically put people who wouldn't survive in the general population," [movieperson id="315691"]Nikki Reed[/movieperson] revealed of the project when she stopped by the MTV studios recently for an exclusive chat. "Sometimes celebrities, people who are HIV-positive, people who have raped or beaten children — any of those things. My character [named Mousey] is a male prostitute, and he goes in and out of the jail because it is comfortable to have a place to sleep and recoup and relax and have food and shelter — [when he] gets sent back out, there is a lot of underground drug stuff that is going on. [K-11] is a world in itself."

As we reported back in November, the duo's gutsy "Twilight" follow-up will dramatize the little-known Los Angeles jail section set aside for in-danger convicts. Stewart and Reed plan to shoot the movie during a brief window this summer between "New Moon" and "Eclipse."

"It's a great project, and obviously I have a lot of faith in Kristen and her mom, Jules Stewart, who wrote the script and is directing it," Reed said. "Kristen is playing a boy, and I am playing a man who is quite a few years older than she is. I am working more on my accent. Mousey is Mexican, and she comes from a very specific place in Southern California."

While the acting skills of Independent Spirit Award-winner Reed and "Into the Wild" star Stewart have always been impressive, both realize that they'll have to dig deep to pull off the gender-bending transformations. "There'll be a lot of prosthetics, makeup," explained the actress, who plays Rosalie Hale in the "Twilight" saga. "I thought it was difficult stepping into Rosalie's shoes! It's gonna be a lot more difficult stepping into Mousey's shoes. It is a very raw, edgy take on this story in this setting; it is going to be very challenging. I am not going to run away from it, but it certainly takes a lot of preparation mentally and physically."

And for those keeping score at home, Reed's difficult challenge will have her playing a him, trapped in the body of a her. "I don't really have the most androgynous look, so that is going to be interesting," laughed the stunner. "I'm playing a man who has become a woman. ... I was born a man, but I never felt like a man — I always knew that I was a woman. I just was born with the wrong body parts."

But, despite the smile on Nikki's face as she tried to explain Mousey's gender, she was quick to point out that "K-11" is not a comedy. "I think that with any genre, any material that is super heavy — smart writers tend to add a comedic element," she said of the script. "So, there are funny moments in there, and some of the things I do and say are pretty outrageous ... but I wouldn't categorize this as a comedy."

Co-starring Kevin Smith fave Jason Mewes, Reed told us that the film should be announcing additional casting soon — and in the meantime, KStew and Nikki will be perfecting their "K-11" characters between takes of the now-filming "New Moon." "[Stewart] doesn't have the same level of physical transformation as me, but she definitely came to the table with a plethora of ideas ... her character doesn't have facial hair or an Adam's apple [because] she is playing more of a boy."

"It's a challenge," she laughed, looking forward to the shoot. "I mean, I am playing a man."

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