Eminem To Induct Run-DMC Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Detroit rapper will introduce the hip-hop legends at the April 4 ceremony.

He's the King of Detroit and they're the Kings of Rock. Sounds like royalty will be in the building next month as [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist] is scheduled to induct [artist id="3082568"]Run-DMC[/artist] into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 4. Em was announced as a participant in the festivities late Friday afternoon (March 20).

According to The Associated Press, Em will join Jimmy Page, the Rolling Stones' Ron Wood, Flea and Smokey Robinson as presenters during the ceremony, held at the Public Auditorium in Cleveland.

The reclusive rapper is slowly starting to re-enter the public consciousness. Recently, his label, Interscope, announced the rapper would release his forthcoming project, Relapse, on May 19. Slim Shady's protégé, 50 Cent, told MTV News it was his idea for Eminem to also put out a second album before the year's up.

"You can't ask for more excitement from a hip-hop perspective than two Eminem albums," 50 said. "One is great. It's a treat. But the second one is exciting.

"Actually, it was my idea for him to release two albums, because he had so much material over a time period," the G-Unit star added. "The [second album] kind of feels like a sequel. They're both written to one topic almost ... it felt like part one and part two of the [same album]. They tie together."

Before he adds more credits toward his own future Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, Em is sure to speak graciously about Run-DMC. In interviews, the Detroit lyricst often name-checks artists who have had an influence on him, and certainly the trio from Queens made the list.