Young Jeezy Gives Atlanta Homies 'Their Just Due': Mixtape Monday

Plus: Jim Jones co-signs for DJ Infamous; Chris Tucker calls Jay-Z 'the Frank Sinatra of rap.'

Artists: [artist id="1243444"]Young Jeezy[/artist] and Corporate Thugz Entertainment

Representing: The trap and beyond

Mixtape: Shield Gang 2: In the Shield We Trust

411: It's Atlanta Week on We couldn't choose anybody better to kick it off than Young Jeezy. If you're in ATL, you might see Young's baby-blue Lambo flying down I-85. You might catch him holed up in Club Miami. You're probably going to see him at Spondivits getting his grub on. But more often than not, the homie is in the studio.

The Snowman just dropped Shield Gang 2: In the Shield We Trust with DJ Folk and all the artists on his roster. Jeezy said the focus for the street CD is really on the CTE team and not him.

"Shield Gang was crazy. You got everybody on there from the homie Slick Pulla — free Slick Pulla — Blood Raw, Roccet, 211. The family is growing. We here. One life, one love."

While in Atlanta, we caught up with Young and three members of the camp he says to look out for: Screwww, Bama and Boo Rossini.

"Screwww been a beast sine day one," Jeezy explained. "He's been grinding independently anyway. He's been doing his thing since I was doing my thing. He's just getting his just due. The streets gotta look out for him. Bama is a beast. He's one of the youngest, one of the wildest cats in Atlanta. He's representing that Southside Mafia. My partner, Boo, we go so far back it ain't even funny. Boo Rossini, he's been doing it since Trap or Die."

It's Atlanta Week on! Stay locked here for all we have to offer from the city's heavyweights.

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Now that he's established in the game, Jeezy said he wants to make sure his crew is given the proper spotlight.

"That was my goal. Nobody gave me a ladder to climb," Young explained. "When I got there, I said, 'I'm gonna throw the ladder down for my homies and keep the door open.' Ain't nothing up here fabricated.

"Everybody do what they do in some other way to make a living, but they love music," he added about his artists. "That's why we here. I was the same way six, seven years back. I felt like it was only right to give them their just due."

Jeezy has his own solo mixtape with DJ Infamous dropping soon, but he's keeping the info close to the chest.

"I got a mixtape coming out too, but I don't know the name yet," he said. "I just been grinding, homie, making sure the homies get in. We way stronger than this. It's a lot of homies that represent CTE, but we are the streets. You talking to the cat that comes from mixtapes. I wouldn't have a job if it wasn't for mixtapes. I passed out tapes. I respect the game."

Joints To Check For

» "Comeback" by Boo Rossini. "Me, I got a lane where I deal with the females. I do the [street] thing in my sleep, but I'm in my own lane where I'm hollering at the females," Boo said. "My [solo] mixtape is Feed the Streets. It's a drought, so we gonna feed the streets."

» "It's Gone" by Bama. "You could be selling your CDs in the trunk of your car, you can get it off. You're doing your thing in the streets, you get that off too. This song is for you. My [solo] mixtape is called Street ID, Volume One. It's real big. Big brother looked out for us, and we gonna look out for him and bring hit records to the table."

» "Down for the Cause" by Screwww. "I appreciate the homeboy Jeezy," Screwww said. "He put that ladder out and said, 'Climb up.' We sure need it, because you know what's going on out here. We appreciate all that. My solo mixtape is with Bigga Rankin. It's called As Real as It Gets. The title is self-explanatory."

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

» Icadon and Rockwilder - Robot-ic

» Oschino - The Appetizer Vol. 3

» Superstar Jay and Maino - Black Flag City (The New Religion)

» Greg Street - Sertified Worldwide

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar

» [artist id="1164800"]Fabolous[/artist] (featuring [artist id="2801312"]The-Dream[/artist]) - "Throw It in the Bag"

» [artist id="611"]Fat Joe[/artist] - "Hey Joe"

» [artist id="1796387"]Jim Jones[/artist] (featuring [artist id="961097"]Ludacris[/artist] and NOE)- "How to Be a Boss"

» Rhymefest (featuring [artist id="1198"]Queen Latifah[/artist]) - "Goin' In"

» Slim Thug (featuring [artist id="1161671"]UGK[/artist]) - "Leanin' "

» [artist id="2021875"]Young Dro[/artist] (featuring Yung LA) - "Take Off"

Celebrity Favorites

[movieperson id="101596"]Chris Tucker[/movieperson] has made so much money in Hollywood, he obviously isn't worried about starring in films on a consistent basis. Despite all the cream he's accumulated in La-La Land, however, Tucker still has love for his hometown of Atlanta, so we had to include him in our ATL Week. Chris has his heart in the streets, and one of his favorite rappers right now is [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist].

"He's the Frank Sinatra of rap. He's got a style of his own, and he's just good," the comedian said recently in Arizona during Jay and LeBron James' Sprite Green "2 Kings" dinner and afterparty.

Tucker also talked up the "Swagga Like Us" performance at the Grammys, featuring Jay, [artist id="1225081"]T.I.[/artist], [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist], [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] and [artist id="1803648"]M.I.A.[/artist] "I told him it was one of the best performances I ever saw," Tucker said of a conversation he had with Jay. "All them together was entertaining. It was great."

Tucker's favorite performer right now, though, is his good friend MJ. "It's always Michael Jackson," he said. "You'll catch Michael Jackson in my iPod or CD changer. I'm pretty sure he's gonna come back soon. He was right! He's just sitting there probably strategizing and waiting."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

It's only fair that new Atlanta rappers have a new DJ to push their records in the clubs and the streets. DJ Drama ushered in T.I.'s reign with a number of landmark mixtapes, and DJ Scream helped break Shawty Lo's post-D4L career.

DJ Infamous is next at bat, and the young multitasker is getting plenty of recognition in a hurry.

Jim Jones recently connected with Infamous for their Risky Business mixtape. The Harlem-bred rapper and record executive told us he thinks Infamous could join the ranks of [artist id="1800901"]DJ Khaled[/artist] and DJ Clue as record spinners-turned-industry influencers.

"I think he's gonna be the next one," Jones said. "I'm actually trying to do business with him right now from an A&R standpoint. I think he can be just as relevant as a DJ Khaled, or like when DJ Clue [was doing it].

"Shouts to Scream, shouts to Drama, but [Infamous] just has that energy," Jones continued. "He's young, he's up-and-coming. He paid his dudes. He sat back, he learned the craft, he learned his area from an Atlanta standpoint. He got next to the right people, as far as Young Jeezy and how important he is to the hip-hop industry. Jeezy endorsed him. So as far as his grind and work ethic, it worked for him. He's in the club six days a week in Atlanta. Six days a week is heavy when you in the club. It's easy to take over like that, especially when people are coming to your party by the boatload. And he knows how to break a record. He's on the radio every day and things like that. He has a lot going on for him — as does everybody else from Atlanta — but right now, he has it going on."

Infamous reeled in another current ATL track killer, DJ Don Cannon, for the Risky Business set, and the former Aphilliate laced Jim with several beats.

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