Lil Wayne Jabs At 50 Cent On New Pimp C Track

In 'Let's Talk Money,' Weezy claims he got advice from late UGK MC about 50.

Just last month, [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] told MTV News he wanted [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] to clarify lyrics from the Cash Money star's mixtape track "Louisianimal," which

featured Weezy spitting lines like: "I'm about a dollar, f--- two quarters."

When asked about Fif's comments last week, however, Wayne chose to bypass the question.

"You said it never rains in Southern California? Wow. That's why I didn't see people with umbrellas," he answered after being asked by MTV News about 50 last week. Weezy then turned to Young Money artist Jae Millz with a grin. "Me neither," Millz added.

"No rain jackets or boots," Wayne continued. "Wow. That's crazy. Young moooolaaah, baaaby!"

Now, on a new song that leaked to the Web on Friday afternoon (March 20), Wayne is taking another stab at 50. This time the lyrical dig is more blatant than the one on "Louisianimal."

The song in question is called "Let's Talk Money," by the late [artist id="1318358"]Pimp C[/artist] and featuring Lil Wayne and a sampled [artist id="1998098"]T-Pain[/artist] chorus. A few bars into his verse following Pimp's, Wayne speaks about advice he got from the controversially outspoken half of UGK, who passed away in 2007. "That n---a Pimp called me before he left this b---h/ Told me keep doin' ya thing and don't tell 50 sh--."

(While UGK's final album, 4 Life, is slated for release at the end of this month, "Let's Talk Money" is billed as a solo Pimp C track.)

50 had been taking a number of public shots at Wayne in interviews, downplaying his rising popularity. Eventually 50 put his thoughts on wax and began taunting Wayne through ad-libs on mixtape tracks. Since his feud with Rick Ross picked up, though, Fif has noticeably fallen back from his Wayne-baiting.

"It's been so long since I was saying anything about Lil Wayne," 50 explained in February, admitting he started with Wayne last year. "I gave him an award. At the BET Awards, I handed him a trophy. So when [his dis record] comes out, I say, 'Let me say something that makes him create clarity for the public.' If it's an issue, let's deal with the actual issue. If not, let it go."

Fif said he wasn't sure when the record was completed and attempted to give Wayne the benefit of the doubt. But he said Weezy's silence has spoken volumes.

"He didn't create clarity for the public," 50 insisted. "If you don't do that and say something disrespectful that's for the public, I gotta do something to address it. He had material come out. I don't know if it was leaked or not. "