'Party Down' Reunites 'Veronica Mars' Co-Stars

Veronica herself, Kristen Bell, has a cameo on the new Starz show, from 'VM' creator Rob Thomas.

Many fans were upset when cult favorite "Veronica Mars" was canceled back in 2007, and although there's still talk that a "Mars" movie may happen, until then, fans of the show can relive the glory days when Rob Thomas' new show, "Party Down," debuts March 20 on Starz.

The show, which takes a comic look at what it's like for struggling actors working in the catering industry, reunites many of the "Veronica Mars" castmembers with the show's star, [movieperson id="331921"]Kristen Bell[/movieperson], who makes a cameo in an episode set to air later in the season.

"It's euphoric," Bell told MTV News about working with the old gang, which she describes as an "amazing cast." " 'Veronica Mars' is such a special part of my life, and I don't think I really realized it and maybe it didn't resonate till later, but I miss these people so much."

Although she's back only for one episode, Bell said she'd be more than willing to reprise her role of Uda Bengt, the leader of the "Party Down" crew's rival catering team. "I've told Rob if I'm available, I will do anything and everything that he writes. Hopefully, next season, Uda will be back," she said. "I'll keep my fingers crossed."

Bell loves all her former castmates but is very willing to pick out a favorite in the group. "I would say Ryan [Hansen, who played Dick Casablancas on 'Veronica Mars'] cracks me up the most, but I think everything that he does is funny, because we have the same thoughts."

Her former co-stars are quick to point out that working with Bell, who has gone on to have success in films like "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," hasn't been a walk in the park. "Kristen Bell, I've worked with her before. Nothing's changed. She is a complete bi---," Hansen joked about the reunion. "She doesn't really give you anything to work with. She's short, and she's not very pretty."

"Party Down" actor Adam Scott — who once guest-starred on "Veronica Mars" — jokingly described a similar work experience with Bell. "She's a horrifying person," he said, adding that "VM" fans will get a kick out of this show. "I think this will be fun for fans of 'Veronica Mars,' " and it helps that Mars herself stopped by for support. "Kristen is awesome," he added. "We were excited when we heard she was going to do it. She's like a pro's pro."