Gorilla Zoe's 'Lost' Video Targets Your 'Deepest Depression'

'People aren't joyful all day,' Atlanta rapper says of the clip.

In the clip for [artist id="2561902"]Gorilla Zoe[/artist]'s latest, "Lost," the Atlanta rapper battles his own demons, delusions and even confronts himself.

"This whole album, I'm not copying nobody's style. I'm finnin' to take it to Jupiter — follow me. Take off!" Zoe said. " 'Lost' will really reach your deepest depression — your most vivid, confused visuals in your life. The things you go through, that confuse you — anything that's not a great feeling. People aren't joyful all day. I wanted to make a couple of songs that will touch people, make them say, 'Hey, man, I feel like that too.' I was feeling like that at the time. I know [there's] no one way to make a hit. A hit is a hit. The video we wanted to touch down on — no clubbin', a whole bunch of jumping up and down — we wanted to make a real video. I think that's my best video to this day."

Zoe's second LP, Don't Feed Da Animals, is now in stores, and the Atlanta MC says he's thankful he had more time to record, unlike his debut Welcome to the Zoo. The expanded recording schedule gave his mind time to travel.

"I'm known for them street, club, abstract records," he explained. "I got one called 'Sh-- on Em.' It goes, 'I doo doo, I boo boo, I poo poo.' It's basically talking about putting on — that would be an equivalent of pulling up for no reason in [a car]. That's crazy. A guy is talking to a girl and she don't hear what he's saying because she's looking at your car. I got one called 'Helluvalife,' featuring Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman. Me and Gucci was in the club one night and he was like, 'Man, we living the life. We do what we wanna do, buy what we wanna buy.' Coming from where we from, it's crazy. The record is a club banger. I got records for the ladies ... 'Talk Back' — which is self explanatory — and "I Got It,' which is a money-spending record."

Zoe's next single, "What it Is," features Rick Ross, who also makes a cameo in the "Lost" video.

Gorilla Zoe is currently on the second leg of Lil Wayne's I Am Music Tour.

"It's crazy, man, to be out there with Wayne, T-Pain, Keri Hilson, Gym Class Heroes," he said. "Just to be out there with everybody, you have to step it up. I just do what I do in front of 2,500 people or 25,000 people. I'mma crank it up. Everybody knows that."