DJ AM Seeking $20 Million For Plane Crash Damages

Previous lawsuits filed by DJ and Travis Barker delayed until crash investigation is completed.

In court papers filed on Friday, [artist id="1562979"]DJ AM[/artist] (born Adam Goldstein) is asking for $20 million in compensation for injuries he suffered in last year's fiery plane crash in North Carolina.

According to, in his lawsuit against plane maker Learjet and several other defendants, AM is seeking $10 million for medical damages, lost earnings and profit, and the same amount for mental and physical pain and suffering.

A jury will decide if AM is eligible for any damage awards if the case goes to trial, The Associated Press reported.

AM and musical partner [artist id="1526529"]Travis Barker[/artist] were the only survivors of the crash, which took the lives of Barker's close friend and assistant, "Lil" Chris Baker, and the [artist id="783"]Blink-182[/artist] drummer's bodyguard, Charles "Che" Still, as well as the pilot and co-pilot. Both AM and Barker were hospitalized with serious burns for several weeks following the crash.

Barker, AM, Still's mother and Baker's widow have all filed wrongful-death suits against various companies that they allege were responsible for the accident, the official cause of which is still under investigation. According to the AP, a number of the companies sued last year by AM and Barker are seeking a trial delay until after the completion of a government investigation into the September 19 crash.

In a lawsuit filed in December, AM claimed that as the private plane reached takeoff speed, the pilots realized that one or more of the tires had blown out and they aborted the takeoff, causing the plane to overshoot the runway and crash into an embankment.