Is Kid Cudi Retiring From Music?

MC blogs, 'I am not making any more solo albums' after the release of his debut this summer.

If what Kid Cudi wrote on his blog Monday morning (March 16) is true, it looks like he'll be making his exit from the game before he's even really started. Cudi — who was named one of our "MCs to Watch in 2009"posted on his blog Monday morning that he plans to stop releasing solo albums after his forthcoming debut drops this summer.

Under a post titled "I Am Sorry," he wrote in an all-caps missive (from which some misspellings and punctuation have been corrected for clarity):

"After the release of my first LP this summer, I am not making anymore solo albums. I am falling back on being an artist. The drama that comes with it is more overwhelming than I was dealing with when I was piss-poor broke.

"My friends get mad at me, say I've changed," the post continues. "One of the only homies i got in this game, Wale, also named an "MC to Watch in 2009" is worried about me cuz of sh-- he hears. Like wtf? Who can say I'm bein' Hollywood? ... Does my music poke fun at others? Do I talk sh-- about people in my music? I already went to high school once, and got expelled cuz it wasnt for me. Ima drop out this sh-- before n---az try and crucify me.

"I don't look at it as quitting, for I have already accomplished my goal," he continued. "I have a solid fanbase who truly appreciates me and my messages thru song, I got multiple big records, I have received worldwide critical acclaim from the biggest tastemakers in the game, three fan-made best-of mixtapes without even releasing more than one mixtape and not even releasing a album, I can pay my mom's mortgage and help my sister with my niece and hold my brothers down with wutever they need. That's wut i got in this game for, to accomplish all these goals and I have. No regrets.

"I'm sorry to the fans, I'm so sorry y'all. I know u guys will all hate me, but remember, I'm just a regular dude who was given a amazing gift, and now with that amazing gift came more uncalled-for problems than the average human being should have to deal with. I will still do the collab album with [fellow Cleveland MC Chip Tha Ripper], and that will be my last studio recording.

"I am going to focus all my attention on the HBO show, which we start shooting in August, and my acting career in general ... I'll continue to do shows for the real Kid Cudi fans, and I'm planning a big concert this summer, just me, and I will perform my entire mixtape from beginning to end and new songs from my album. I'll keep u guys updated on that.

"Again, I am sorry, but it's the only way to keep me from going completely insane," he concluded. "I'm too real for this high school musical sh--. Bak to the moon I go."

Whether his announcement is serious, an impulsive action or a prank was unclear at press time — reps for Cudi had not responded to MTV News' requests for comment, although his conversations with [url id=""]MTV News' correspondent Kim Stolz[/url] last week certainly didn't seem to indicate what he announced on Monday.

However, he did air his frustrations in a recent interview with MTV News. "I'm a human being, you know what I'm saying?" he said. "Things stress me out. Like fame, this whole Kid Cudi thing. It's hard to make that transition, because I'm just a regular guy. I'm not into the whole fame of things, so I talk about the stuff I deal with internally in my world in hopes that people can relate to that, and it'll touch them."

The Wale reference Cudi blogged about is a video on Joe Budden's YouTube channel, where Wale says he loves Cudi and considers him a friend, but he has noticed a change.

"I did that record for him, before this whole thing was big," Wale said. "And I just feel like it's a different Cudi now, and I tell him that."

Last week, another "MC to Watch in 2009," B.o.B cleared the air about rumors of his retirement. B.o.B had been building a buzz thanks to his single, "I'll Be in the Sky," as well as his mixtapes, but rumors began to surface that he planned to quit.

"I didn't quit anything. I've always had music in my life, at the top of my priority list." Without going in to specifics, he said he had grown tired of dealing with the business side of it. "It does get frustrating, trying to be as free as possible."

Cudi was enjoying similar success. He had the chance to remake the video for his infectious first single, "Day 'N' Nite," with acclaimed French director So Me; and he was in talks to have his second single, "Sky Might Fall," officially featured in a trailer for "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen."

MTV News will have more on this situation as it develops.