U2 Reveal Their Secrets To Success

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we revisit our recent conversation with the Irish rockers.

[artist id="1022"]U2[/artist] proved to everyone they still have what it takes to rock the world when their new album, No Line on the Horizon, debuted at #1 and kicked Taylor Swift from the top of the charts.

They like being back on top so much that there's a chance the guys will release another album of unused material. "We have talked about a second album. We certainly have loads of material," The Edge told MTV News about songs the band recorded with Rick Rubin in 2006. "But we're still so delighted with this record. It's hard to put a timetable on it."

"It wasn't like we fell out with Rick — it just wasn't the right time for us," Larry Mullen Jr. explained about why the guys ditched the material for songs produced by Brian Eno. "It went really well [with Rick]. The songs were fantastic. It would have been great for [2004's How to Dismantle an] Atomic Bomb, [but the songs] weren't right for this."

In addition to working with Eno for the record, the guys also sought inspiration from the world of hip-hop, taking cues from Kanye West, Jay-Z and Will.I.Am, who they described as "a very important voice ... someone to watch."

"I think with Kanye, his understanding of what music, about what fashion, about what politics is — they are all each other," Bono explained. "Understanding the whole equation is understanding where your song sits in the world. Kanye knows where it sits."

The guys learned about lyrics and melodies from Jay. "He just zones in on the text and he hangs onto the text, the words. That's his life," Bono said. "I learned that my melodies — because they were more operatic — my melodies were spoiling my chances to use a certain vocabulary."

And it's being in touch with the youth that keeps U2 moving musically, even after 30 years and 140 million albums sold. "Bob Dylan has this line: 'He not busy being born is busy dying' [from 'It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding']. I love that line. I often think it applies to music," Bono said. "People, as they get older, they stop listening to the music. We want to go to where people are still passionate for music."