Kanye West And 88-Keys Are The New Dirty Old Men On The Block

'We're trying to make our little cinematic moments,' director Jason Goldwatch says of 'Stay Up (Viagra)' clip.

Mortimer and Randolph Duke from "Trading Places." The Muppets' Statler and Waldorf. Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy's barbershop-dwelling characters from "Coming to America." And now, welcome Rufus West and his friend of over 70 years, Clifford, to the grumpy senior-citizen comedy fold.

"Some people like to refer to me as '[artist id="1526350"]88-Keys[/artist],' " dirty old goat Clifford said, sitting next to his elderly friend.

"They call him ... ," Clifford trailed off, pointing to his gray-haired buddy. "What's that African boy's name?"

"They don't call you '88' nothing," Mr. West countered. "They call you '88-years-old.' "

Under the makeup, "Clifford" is actually 88-Keys and Mr. West is, well, Mr. West — the 12-time-Grammy-winning [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist], that is. Both artists were goofing around in character on the Hollywood set of Keys' "Stay Up (Viagra)" video.

(Check out the [video id="354190"]"Stay Up (Viagra)"[/video] video right here!)

"You been stupid since the '50s," Rufus said to Clifford, who told MTV News they were filming a commercial. "This ain't no commercial, this is a motion-picture singing video with a song to it. I been correcting your dumb self since the '50s."

"Why you always gotta embarrass me?" Clifford asked.

"Actually, I brought some self-esteem back to you," Rufus answered.

"I'm praying for you, boy," Clifford responded. "I'm praying that I don't strike you."

"It's been some ups and downs and some miser-bill-it-tees," Rufus said of their friendship. "Now that I have this Viagra, it's all come to sunshine."

While West and Keys would not give a straight answer about the video, director Jason Goldwatch talked to us when the duo were having their prosthetics applied.

"We're trying to make our little cinematic moments," Goldwatch said. "Catastrophes. The video is not going to have a bunch of lip-synching. This is gonna be an unwinding disaster piece. It opens up with 88 and 'Ye leaving an old-folks home. They get picked up in a huge limo with girls. It's basically their day of this newfound youth. We're gonna hit Hollywood Boulevard and these sex shops, then we go to some liquor stores. We're gonna hit Hollywood and end up in the motel."