Russell Brand Teases Miley Cyrus For Writing Memoir

'She's only been alive half an hour,' the 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' funnyman says.

You might say [movieperson id="327783"]Russell Brand[/movieperson] is as addicted to controversy as he once was to heroin and sex. Sometimes that affinity for turbulence blows up in his face (don't show up to work the day after 9/11 dressed as Osama bin Laden and expect to keep your job). Other times, however, the British comedian's talent for the well-crafted dustup shines through.

Such was the case when Brand stopped by the MTV News offices to promote the publication of his memoir "My Booky Wook" and initiated a hilarious war of words with 16-year-old Miley Cyrus, who also has a new memoir on the bookshelves.

"[artist id="2408193"]Miley Cyrus[/artist]?" he said when informed of [url id=""]"Miles to Go,"[/url] the teen's contribution to the literary world. "She's only been alive half an hour. What's she going to say: 'The womb was warm'?"

Brand's own memoir tends toward the raunchy and scandalous. Chapter titles include "Umbilical Noose," "Teacher's Whisky" and "Let's Not Tell Our Mums." His stories recount such formative experiences as the time his father introduced him to prostitutes on a trip to Asia and how he once got into a naked, drug-fueled brawl with a stripper.

That is the stuff of autobiographical gold, Brand maintains, not the reflections of a Disney personality who just got her driver's license. As he traveled up and down the MTV elevators with Movies Editor Josh Horowitz, the [movie id="351190"]"Forgetting Sarah Marshall"[/movie] star kept inventing lines he suspected were in Cyrus' book. " 'It's nice in there,' " Brand said of Miley's in-the-womb musings. " 'There's all sorts of fluids.' "

Brand's bottom line? "That's not a book," he said. "I don't buy it. It's a very short story. Anything that's been written by a sperm and an ovum--it's too short."

When he wasn't busy initiating a tongue-in-cheek literary smackdown, Brand dished some inside details about his upcoming Judd Apatow comedy, "Get Him to the Greek." The movie is a spin-off of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and will follow Brand's character, rock star Aldous Snow, as he travels from London to perform a gig in Los Angeles.

"He's gone back on crack and heroin, so it makes him difficult to look after," Brand said of Snow. "Like a lot of drug addicts, he's a pain in the ass."

Though original star [movieperson id="208052"]Jason Segel[/movieperson] most likely won't appear in the new film, he will be making an active contribution to it. "Jason's written some songs for Aldous Snow to sing," Brand revealed. "Jason's really cool with writing songs."

[movieperson id="379429"]Jonah Hill[/movieperson] will be the only other actor returning from the original cast, but Brand is promising a host of new Hollywood stars will be joining in. "Really famous ones," he teased, "but I'm not allowed to say yet, because I always blurt things out too quickly. But people who you go, 'He's in it?!' "

Like Brad Pitt?


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