New Chris Brown/ Rihanna Duet Confirmed

A rep for producer Polow Da Don says song was recorded days after Brown was charged in alleged altercation.

After this story was published, the report on which it was based was found to be erroneous. The "new" Chris Brown/ Rihanna duet is actually a song recorded in 2008; head here for more details.

A spokesperson for producer Polow Da Don has confirmed that Chris Brown and Rihanna have recorded a duet. According to CNN, the unnamed song was tracked with Don just days after Brown, 19, was charged with two felonies over his alleged February 8 altercation with girlfriend Rihanna, 21.

Don's publicist said the singers — who reportedly reunited at a home owned by Diddy in Miami two weeks ago — completed the song earlier this week, though no other details were available on the track. A spokesperson for Don did not return requests for comment on the song, and spokespeople for Brown and Rihanna have declined to comment about the sessions.

"My heart goes out to both Chris and Rihanna for what has happened in the past," Polow said in a statement. "They are both great artists to work with, and I wish them well."

Brown was charged with assault and making criminal threats on March 5 and is due back in court on April 6 for his arraignment in the case.

On Wednesday, Us Magazine reported additional details on the song, quoting an unnamed source describing it as having a theme "about being stronger and growing stronger in a relationship. ... The song was originally created for Rihanna before the fight. However, it wasn't initially slated for Chris to be on the song."

The source added: "The funny thing is, the song expresses the emotions that both Chris and Rihanna are feeling at this moment — facing challenges and overcoming the ups and downs of a relationship in which you become stronger." The singers were described as being "very playful" in the studio during the session.

A month before the alleged incident, MTV News reported that the couple, who have been very private about their yearlong relationship, had actually already worked on their first original track together. The song, "Bad Girl," which leaked in January, was recorded for the soundtrack to "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and was produced by Polow but ultimately didn't make the final cut for the album.

"I came from a Jerry Bruckheimer meeting after seeing the movie, and they were telling us all the music they needed for all the scenes and the characters," Polow told MTV about his sit-down with the movie's producer. "So that night, I went to the studio and I was telling Chris about [the meeting]. And he was like, 'Let's get on it.' It was crazy, because Jerry Bruckheimer's dream was to have a song from Rihanna (for the movie), and I delivered Rihanna and Chris Brown in 24 hours. So they were like, 'Wow, that's crazy.' "

In the song, Rihanna talks about her shopping addiction, her penchant for bags and shoes and her not-so-thrifty purchasing habits. "Need no bargain, need no sale/ I want the best, I dress me well," she sings. Brown chimes in with a rap about his better half toward the end of the track. "She's a walking store, I'm talking about her clothes/ I just pause, I'm in awe, 'cause she's a fashion show."

At the time, Polow praised Brown's energy and work ethic, as well as Rihanna's unique voice and easygoing attitude and said, "We actually did a lot more records that hopefully will be coming soon."

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