Joaquin Phoenix Tussles With Heckler At Miami Show

Actor-turned rapper tangles with clubgoer as crowd chants, 'Joaquin!'

[movieperson id="166907"]Joaquin Phoenix[/movieperson] appears to be taking this whole hip-hop thing pretty seriously. Because last night, he got gangster.

During a performance at LIV, the swanky nightclub located at Miami's Fountainebleau Hotel, early Thursday morning (March 12), Phoenix — who was reportedly scheduled to take the stage at 10 p.m. but didn't do so until 2 a.m. — took issue with a heckler in the audience, leaping off the stage and attempting to pound on the man before being dragged away by security.

Of course, before he could get to the beatdown, Phoenix gave the unidentified heckler a sound tongue-lashing, stopping mid-rap to announce "We have a b---h in the audience!" before pointing at the heckler and shouting, "I've got a million dollars in my f----ing bank account, what the f--- have you got?"

As clubgoers cheered, Phoenix, dressed in a dark suit with matching shades, his hair and beard wild as ever, dropped his mic and proceeded to pounce into the crowd. He scuffled with the heckler while LIV security attempted to separate the two and the crowd chanted, "Joa-quin! Joa-quin!"

Phoenix was then escorted back to the stage by security, while the house DJ urged the crowd to "make some noise!" and then playfully asked, "Is that it?" Phoenix then resumed his set.

Hours after the incident, footage had already appeared on YouTube, and several outlets reported that Phoenix's brother-in-law, Casey Affleck, was also on hand to shoot the fight, leading some to believe that this is just another step in an increasingly complex prank the pair are playing on the media.

As of press time, no charges had been filed as a result of the scuffle, and an e-mail to Phoenix's rep seeking comment was not returned.