Watch Exclusive 'Twilight' DVD Bonus Footage!

We have exclusive bonus footage from upcoming disc; plus, Lutz reveals plans for March 21 DVD release.

SANTA MONICA, California — If you think the only holiday this month is St. Patrick's Day, you must not be a Twilighter. March 21 will bring midnight parties at malls, bookstores and special events all over the country as "Twilight" finally arrives on DVD.

But according to two stars from the film, one party promises to be the wildest of them all.

"Kellan is having a party over at his place," Edi Gathegi said of a bash hosted by his co-star Kellan Lutz. "It's not really a public thing, but I just might go get the DVD and go to his place afterwards. Although, it sounds a little funny. He wants to dress up in onesies and eat M&M's and then watch the DVD."

You can start your own party now with this brand-new, exclusive bonus footage that will appear on the DVD, depicting the rabid response that greeted the "Twilight" cast last summer at Comic-Con. But if you bump into the man known as Emmett Cullen between now and March 21, you might be able to talk your way into his party — especially if you promise to bring candy.

"There's going to be a whole bunch of 'Twilight' parties, and I decided to throw one with my roommates, because it's really hard to actually hear the whole movie when you're watching it with fans," Lutz said. "It's going to be really nice to be able to sit back and watch it at my place with my roommates."

Some Twilighters like to imagine their heartthrob in various states of undress — but if you get into Lutz's party, you'll find him snuggled up like a little kid with his roommates.

"I got them all Snuggies for Christmas — it's a blanket with sleeves," Lutz said of the as-seen-on-TV robes he recently gave his roomies. "So we're just going to be dorks and watch the movie.

"I'm addicted to buying online," Lutz explained of his purchase. "One of my roommates wears it as a cape. I don't know if he does it on purpose, or if he just thinks that's how it's supposed to be put on. I also upgraded them — they're supposed to be $19.99 for two, but they really get you when [you see] the upgrade page that says if you want to have double the cotton or pockets, it's 59 bucks. I didn't realize, until I checked out, that my Snuggies that I bought for everyone ended up being about 60 bucks, plus 10 bucks each for shipping! So the whole ordeal cost me a pretty penny."

Much like Emmett, Twilighters have come to love Lutz for the muscular actor's endearing, teddy-bear-like charm. But if you think his party couldn't get any crazier, you haven't heard about what he'll be wearing under his Snuggie.

"We do pajama parties," he explained. "[We're] going to be wearing onesies. ... We'll play games and throw the special-edition DVD on the big screen.

"[They have] feet in the pajamas, so you can slide around, and some have butt flaps," Kellan Lutz said of his onesie. "I love them. I had a Care Bears one when I was growing up, like [age] 6 or 7. Now they make adult sizes. ... Mine is ninja-style. It's all black and has a hood. It doesn't have a butt flap, but my roommate's does. He's 6-foot-7. It has a butt flap, and he'll run around with it open — which is not a pretty sight."

So is Gathegi welcome to join in on the pajama-palooza? "Edi will get an invite," Lutz promised.

"That might be a little too intimate for me," Gathegi teased, promising that he'll attend Lutz's party but leave his pajamas at home. "We're a big family, the 'Twilight' family. So I might just make [Lutz's party] the last stop of the evening."

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