'American Idol' Comes To iPhone In Two Big Ways

In addition to an app with exclusive videos, iPhone and iPod Touch will soon get a new 'Idol' game.

If you're an [url id="/news/topics/a/american_idol/"]"American Idol"[/url] fan, the people behind the show hope you've got an iPhone. You're going to need it.

MTV News got a look at one new "Idol" iPhone application on Monday, along with news of something that sounds even cooler: a new "Idol" video game that will be coming to Apple's phone (and iPod Touch) in April.

This $1.99 app, which appeared on the iTunes store Monday night as an exclusive to the iPhone and iPod Touch, turns the iPhone into a portable "American Idol" tracker. It shows headshots of season eight's final 13 contestants. Every week, the rankings will change to reflect who is still in the competition. Better, though, is the fact that you can predict the final rankings, call out the winners and have your prediction marked with a date and time — just so you can prove you prognosticated perfectly. So, yes, you can show people that you picked Michael Sarver before anyone else to be the winner.

The application will also provide access to exclusive three-minute video clips from each of the remaining contestants. We were shown one of these confessional-style clips from Scott MacIntyre, who talked about how he originally misheard the announcement that there would be 13 final contestants (instead of the usual top 12) for this season. He thought they had said "30" and was wondering why he had worked so hard. By the end of the season, the creators of the app expect to have about 78 exclusive videos viewable only through the program.

So, you can track "American Idol" and get exclusive looks at it through an iPhone, but what about being an "American Idol"? Get ready for the April "American Idol" iPhone game.

Through the years there have been batches of "Idol" video games, including a karaoke series from Konami and, more recently, mobile games from EA. This new iPhone game will put the player in the role of aspiring contestant.

The "Idol" iPhone game will include live-action footage of 15 other contestants, all played by unknown actors, a rep for the project told MTV News. Players have to make that all-important decision about which songs to sing, as well as taking other strategic steps on the way to becoming the next American Idol. As for the singing, players won't be crooning at all. Instead, they'll need to tilt the iPhone in different directions to match the rhythm of the competition's music. It's a tilt version of the kind of pattern-matching that players of "Rock Band' or "Guitar Hero" use to rock out in those games.

Clips of the judges' commentary have been culled from the show and will be used to critique each performance. Get ready for Simon Cowell's harshest barbs to be directed right at you.

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