The-Dream Gets Def Jam Family On 'Rockin' That Thang' Remix

'It's all about making good collaborations and good music in 2009,' Ludacris said of the star-studded remix.

[artist id="2583794"]The-Dream[/artist] brings out the stars. [artist id="961097"]Ludacris[/artist], [artist id="1237281"]Juelz Santana[/artist], [artist id="1800901"]DJ Khaled[/artist], [artist id="2417097"]Rick Ross[/artist] and [artist id="1164800"]Fabolous[/artist] recently came to Brooklyn to shoot the video for the remix of "Rockin' That Thang."

"It's all about making good collaborations and good music in 2009," Luda said, taking a break while fellow Def Jam artist Fabolous performed in another room.

"Def Jam tries to stay family oriented," 'Cris continued. "That's what it's about. We're here to compete. Competition is serious. Not only are we competing against each other, but as a family, we're competing against other families. It's always good to see individuals come together with a lot of craziness going on in hip-hop."

Juelz Santana was contemplating making an unofficial remix of the song, before he was asked by the label to jump on this one.

"It's a record I heard and loved before I even got on it," Santana said. "I was actually gonna do a little remix, like how everybody do their remixes and put them out. I was going to do it like that anyway, but it was just a blessing that I was asked to be on the remix with a lot of other talented artists. ... They are all my labelmates, so it's a beautiful thing. Everybody killed it and did their thing."

"I didn't know everybody that was going to be on here," Fabolous said. "They just hit me up and said they were trying to do a remix to The-Dream record."

"I gotta shout out The-Dream, I gotta shout everybody on the remix," Rick Ross said. "Dream is on fire — everything he drops, all those #1 records. The ladies love his swagger. He may be the most prolific writer of recent times, because he continues to churn out classics. You gotta salute The-Dream."

Dream, who slept for a portion of the video shoot (he was suffering from a cold), said that he wanted to take a backseat on the remix.

"I was just trying to do something that hadn't been done since the '90s, where the [guests] were featured more than the actual artist," Dream explained. "So I just left my hook on it and added those four guys to it."

"I was all for that," Fab said of the remix route. "That's been out of the game so long. Usually when they remix it, they put one dude on it. This one went back to what they was doing before, and it was working."

Dream said to not expect some big mini-movie with the video, but promised that it would be entertaining nonetheless.

"This video ain't about nothing," he laughed. "It's a performance video trying to get everybody else in the same place at the same time. Unfortunately, this is the recession. If it wasn't, we'll probably be in the desert in Iran somewhere. But we're in Brooklyn shooting. Either way, it's still great."

The-Dream's Love vs. Money hits stores March 10.