'American Idol' Finalist Matt Giraud Wants To 'Forget' Coldplay Performance

'I kinda felt like I let everyone down,' he says of first live performance.

"American Idol" contestant Matt Giraud had a bit of an identity crisis during his first live performance, falling flat with his cover of [url id="http://www.mtv.com/videos/coldplay/264962/viva-la-vida.jhtml"]Coldplay's "Viva la Vida."[/url] But this week, the soul man was back, performing the Jackson 5's "Who's Lovin' You" and earning a spot in the finals, alongside Megan Joy Corkrey, Anoop Desai and Jasmine Murray.

We chatted with the 23-year-old from Kalamazoo, Michigan, about dropping the ball last week, Simon's fashion critique and more.

Q: How did you feel after your Coldplay performance last week? Did you think you had blown it?

A: I definitely could not sleep that night. ... People thought I was gonna do well, and I kinda felt like I let everyone down. It just wasn't the right song, but that's behind me. And this week, I'm going to pick the right song and bring it back and forget about it.

Q: What did you think about Simon Cowell calling you out for your fashion choices on Thursday?

A: I don't know why he's always hatin' on me! I trusted the wardrobe people with that one, and they said, "Hey, just go for it." And who takes fashion advice from Simon anyway? [Laughs.]

Q: Now that you can play instruments, are you going to be behind your piano every week?

A: I'm going to take the chance if I can, but I'm not gonna be back there every time. I definitely want to get out there and work the crowd a little bit too, pull out the keyboard. Maybe I'll do a keyboard for the first half of the song and stand up and rock it out for the second half. Who knows?

Q: What's the best advice you've gotten from the judges?

A: "Stick to what you're good at." Paula and Kara both say that. "Stick to what you're good at, and make sure you nail what you're good at." You try different things, and you might like it, but if you can't nail it, it's probably not worth it.

Q: Who would be your dream guest mentor?

A: Billy Joel would be ridiculous. That would be amazing if he came in and taught me how to play and sing something of his.

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