Britney Spears Fans Rave About 'Life-Changing' Circus Show

'Britney is back!' fans gush after tour opens in New Orleans.

NEW ORLEANS — [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] fans couldn't have been more proud to see that their girl has officially made her comeback. After not touring for five years, Spears kicked off her Circus tour Tuesday night in New Orleans, and her dedicated legion of fans admit that she looks better than ever.

Like most of the fans MTV News talked with briefly after the show, one female fan proclaimed to all her detractors that Britney is officially back. "We love Britney!" she told MTV News after the show. "She did a great job tonight. She rocked it! Britney is back!"

Another fan, whose friend described the show as "life-changing," added, "It was amazing. The comeback has officially begun!" Fans were excited to share the details of the show with MTV News by describing the aptly named tour as a full-on circus that included "midgets," fire and magic.

"We saw a full circus, baby," one fan said. "We are from New Orleans and we've watched Britney [from the beginning]," adding that Britney said she felt "at home" onstage in her home state. "She opened the tour with a bang."

Fans said she looked "amazing" and didn't skimp at the merch table. "I have everything," a fan named Justin told MTV News, adding that he even splurged on the "Britney popcorn bag." "It was amazing. Britney, don't worry about a thing, we love you!"

There was also one moment that really stuck out for a concertgoer. "She brought a random guest up onstage and danced in his face," the fan described. "It was hot!"

While the show was filled with people you might expect to see at a Britney Spears concert, MTV News managed to find a metalhead, who really put it all into perspective.

"I've seen Kiss, Disturbed, Korn and Ozzfest — this was the best!" he excitedly recalled. "I love you Brit. Will you marry me?"