Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr To Reunite At David Lynch Benefit

Former Beatles have not performed together since 2002.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will reunite onstage for the upcoming [url id=""]"Change Begins Within" concert,[/url] which benefits the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace. The concert, also featuring Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, Sheryl Crow, Donovan, Ben Harper, Moby, Paul Horn, Bettye Lavette, and My Morning Jacket's Jim James, takes place at New York's Radio City Music Hall on April 4.

The April 4 show marks the first time McCartney and Starr will perform together since 2002. McCartney was announced as the show's headliner in January but Starr was recently added to the bill.

The two surviving Beatles' connection to David Lynch likely stems from the fact that the group was instrumental in introducing transcendental meditation to the world in 1968, when they spent several weeks in India studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The bandmembers came away with different impressions of the experience, as George Harrison embraced Indian religions but John Lennon later slammed the Maharishi in his song "Sexy Sadie."

The David Lynch Foundation encourages transcendental meditation in schools. According to the foundation's Web site, the practice "is a simple, natural, effortless, easily learned technique practiced silently for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day, sitting comfortably in a chair with the eyes closed. During the practice, the mind settles down, experiencing finer levels of thought, until it transcends the finest level of thought and experiences the source of thought, pure consciousness — the unified field — the source of the unlimited creativity and intelligence expressed in human life and in nature."

Last April, the Lynch Foundation held a similar but much smaller benefit concert in Fairfield, Iowa (the location of Maharishi University, this country's only school based on the principles of Transcendental Meditation). MTV News attended the event and spoke with Lynch about his advocacy of TM.