Listen To Kelly Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted A Week Early

Before the new album drops, you can judge whether it'll be 'American Idol' winner's big comeback.

If you missed when [article id="1605544"]Kelly Clarkson's new album was accidentally leaked[/article] by the Norwegian division of iTunes late last month, now MTV's the Leak has an official preview of All I Ever Wanted.

For the album, which will find its way to stores on March 10, [artist id="1231768"]Clarkson[/artist] seems to have pulled out all the stops. She hooked up with "Since U Been Gone" hitmakers Dr. Luke and Max Martin, sexed up her image a bit and even went back to her "American Idol" roots by including a song written by new judge Kara DioGuardi and airing a [article id="1603755"]preview of the video for the first single, "My Life Would Suck Without You,"[/article] during an "Idol" commercial break. "My Life Would Suck" has been an instant smash. In its first week, it hit the #1 position on the Digital Chart, selling 279,000 downloads, and it later broke Britney Spears' record for the biggest one-week jump in Billboard Hot 100 history, making the leap from #97 all the way to #1.

Back in November, [article id="1599233"]Dr. Luke told[/article] that he was sure the album would remind fans why they loved Clarkson to begin with and maybe help them [article id="1605774"]forget about her My December snafu[/article].

"It's sick. She sings a song in two hours and kills it," Luke said. "You're just like, 'Holy sh--.' She has powerful lungs. She's like the Lance Armstrong of vocal cords.

"After 'Since U Been Gone,' we wrote all these songs for Kelly," Luke said, referring to his collaborations with Martin. "This one, which I think is the first single — we had the chorus awhile ago and added the verse more recently."

Clarkson herself blogged about All I Ever Wanted in January. "I'm ready for y'all to hear this album! I'm so proud of it!!" she said. "I've had so much fun with this album I really hope y'all dig it."