Kanye West Calls Out 50 Cent During 'Storytellers' Show

'Ye points to his pink shirt during 'Heartless,' says to 50: 'Does this look gay to you?'

[artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] offered a mix of jokes, boasting and poignancy during his first "VH1 Storytellers" special, which aired Saturday.

In one segment, West directly addressed 50 Cent's recent comments. It was understood by the media and fans that 50 was dropping the other F-word on West in the underground song "Play This on the Radio." Fif has since told MTV News that he wasn't referring to Kanye on the song and he knows West isn't a homosexual. However, in true 50 fashion, he did make fun of what is now known as the infamous Paris picture.

"I seen the picture. It was so crazy," 50 said recently in Venezuela. "It was him and four or five other people. They had on some spandex, cheetah, leopard. That wasn't gay; that was interesting. Where I come from, you only see [those clothes on] gay people. Once he says gay people are his inspiration, it's understandable. I don't have anything against gay people, I just say what I think I'm seeing."

During the "Storytellers" show, West called out 50 while addressing people who question his sexuality.

"50, look at me now, singing on the ground with my pink shirt on, " Kanye said during a longer version of "Heartless" that included some improvisational crooning. "Does this look gay to you?" he asked, wearing a gray suit with a pink shirt. Kanye also mentioned the disdain he had for some authors who are trying to capitalize from his mother's death. He did lighten the mood with references to himself, though, saying that one of his great disappointments is that he'll never be able to watch himself perform live as a fan would.

Besides "Heartless," Kanye rolled out a plethora of hits from his back catalog as well as album cuts from 808s & Heartbreak, such as "Robocop" and "Amazing."