Paramore's Hayley Williams Dispels Engagement Rumor

Gossip site falsely reports that she and New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert were engaged.

Step back from the ledge, Hayley Williams obsessives: The [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] frontwoman is not getting married.

Yes, despite what you may have read over the weekend, the 20-year-old Williams and her boyfriend, [artist id="1011154"]New Found Glory[/artist] guitarist Chad Gilbert, 27, did not get engaged.

The rumors started on Sunday, when Canadian "celebrity blogger" Zack Taylor posted an entry on his site claiming Gilbert popped the question over the weekend in Nashville. According to a "source," the site said, "Hayley was telling her friends that she and Chad were hoping to have a huge wedding in [Paramore's hometown] Franklin [Tennessee], sometime in 2011 when they can both take a break from touring."

This was apparently news to Williams, who took to Paramore's LiveJournal page to dispel the engagement talk (and to allude to "The Princess' Bride" while she was at it).

"Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dream," she wrote, quoting the movie. "I had no idea I was engaged! I'm so happy for myself!

"In case you guys have seen the post floating around the interweb, I just wanted to state for the record that Chad and I are not engaged," the post continued. "I feel so ridiculous posting about this ... but hopefully I'm posting enough in advance that most of you haven't even heard all this, yet ... so, now you've heard it here... the rumors are not true."

Meanwhile, when she's not setting the record straight on her personal life, Williams and her Paramore-mates are in Nashville, demo-ing songs for the follow-up to their Riot! album and gearing up for their summer tour with No Doubt. According to their labels, Fueled By Ramen and Atlantic, Paramore's new album is due after that tour wraps in August.