Jonas Brothers Surprise Fans In New York On Cross-Country Theater Invasion Tour

Band shows up at '3D Concert Experience' screening at Nyack mall.

NYACK and WHITE PLAINS, New York — As with any iconic set of teen idols, the hysteria that surrounds the [artist id="2088128"]Jonas Brothers[/artist] is palpable. Wherever the boys go, swooning girls are sure to follow.

And that was the case when the Jonas Brothers' "Surprise Theater Invasion" tour stopped in Nyack, New York, at the Palisades Mall on Saturday (February 28). The brothers, who grew up a mere 20 minutes away from the mall, in Wyckoff, New Jersey, showed up to catch the 10 a.m. screening of their new movie, [movie id="390709"]"Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience,"[/movie] and the fans reacted with sobs of excitement.

As soon as the guys walked in, girls — who had no clue that they were in one of the lucky spots — began crying, screaming and scheming up ways to get close enough to their heroes. Earlier in the day at a press conference at the Westchester County airport in White Plains, New York, the guys talked about how exciting it was to be able to surprise fans at a mall they went to long before they were celebrities.

"It's kind of a surreal experience. It's like the time we played at the Izod Center, which was [then] the Continental Airlines Arena," Nick told MTV News at the press conference. "It's that kind of thing where you think about the times where you'd go see a movie there, and obviously it wasn't like this."

The JoBros' Theater Invasion caps off a busy month for the guys, who seem to be everywhere these days. They got to perform with Stevie Wonder at the Grammy Awards. They've stopped by the "Late Show with David Letterman," "Saturday Night Live" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live." They were even interviewed by Barbara Walters for her Oscars special.

But nothing really beats having your own 3-D movie out in theaters, which the band told MTV News was inspired by the Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night." Much like the mania that followed the Beatles, the girls at both the theater and the airport didn't seem to fathom the fact that they were in the same room as their idols.

While the guys were boarding their private Marquis jet (do rock stars travel any other way?), girls stopped their cars on the highway just to take photos of the guys as they continued their trek to surprise girls at movie theaters all across the country.