Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Approves Of Obamas' First-Dog Choice

'I grew up with two ... they were great dogs,' bassist says of the first family's decision to adopt a Portuguese water dog.

[artist id="1235716"]Pete Wentz[/artist] has already done plenty for Barack Obama. From PBR-fueled fundraisers to performances at the presidential inauguration, he's gone above and beyond for our brand-new commander in chief. But he's not stopping just yet.

He wants to help President Obama select the first dog.

See, in recent days, news services have been humming with reports that the Obamas — or, more specifically, first lady Michelle — are thinking of adopting a Portuguese water dog, making good on their pre-election promise to daughters Sasha and Malia. A White House spokesperson said the Obamas are leaning toward the breed because of its temperament and the fact that it's hypoallergenic (always a plus). And here's where Wentz steps in.

As it turns out, he's been familiar with the Portuguese pooches for most of his life. His parents own two of them — Pandora and Marley — and they patrol their house in the Chicago suburbs (they even got a special shout-out in a May 2006 MTV News feature on Wentz). So when he heard that the Obamas were thinking of adopting one of their own, he decided to help sway their decision by giving them his own (relatively) impartial take on the breed.

"I know I am right on the verge of being invited to the Lincoln bedroom with all of my glorious connections to the president, but I think the final step may be me giving the Obamas advice on getting Portuguese water dogs," he wrote to MTV News. "I grew up with two ... they were great dogs for the boy I was, being that I barfed from swinging on swing sets, cried at my first 10 birthdays, wouldn't eat anything but the peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches my mom made and was allergic to everything. They were the perfect answer to that."

See, the hypoallergenic thing is big. And while Wentz did caution that one of his water dogs — Marley (who he insists was named after Bob Marley, and not the titular pooch in John Grogan's book "Marley & Me: Life and Love With the World's Worst Dog") — was "pretty bad," he still thinks the breed would do well in the White House. Of course, since he and his wife now own a pair of English bulldogs, he's not above stumping for that breed, either (this is politics, after all).

"I can't lie, I think Hemingway is a pretty good candidate too, because he's the exact opposite of my parents' water dogs," Wentz wrote. "But I can't say he'd be any worse than having Cheney around tearing that place up."