Lily Allen Contemplates Quitting Music, Getting Married

'I couldn't tell you if I'm going to make another record,' British singer says.

[artist id="2389411"]Lily Allen[/artist]'s It's Not Me, It's You debuted in the top five of the Billboard albums chart last week, and she also found her way to the top of the British singles, album and radio-play charts too. She's got a U.S. headlining tour scheduled for April, and she totally owned Perez Hilton in a recent Twitter battle. Needless to say, things are pretty good in Lily land at the moment.

So why is she thinking about quitting the business entirely?

"I'm a 'live the day' person. I have no idea what I'm doing tomorrow. I certainly don't think about a week from now or a month from now," she laughed. "As far as the future goes, there's only a vague plan of getting married and having kids. I couldn't tell you if I'm going to make another record, because I don't know if I'm going to enjoy this in six months' time."

So, Lily fans, enjoy her while you can. Because she might be trading in her platinum plaques for 2.5 kids and a minivan. And while her attitude toward her career is certainly a refreshing change of pace, it also begs the question: If making music doesn't make her happy, why release another album in the first place?

"Because I was given a big advance, and I've spent it. It's gone," she deadpanned. "No, this is what I'm doing right now, and there have been times when it hasn't made me happy, mainly when people are being really mean to me or when I'm getting followed down the street. When I took a break between one album and the other, still getting all that attention, you start weighing it all up, and it's like, 'I don't like this. This is my time off. I've been on tour for two years. This isn't my job to walk out of the house and be followed by 30 guys with cameras all day.' That's when you start going, 'F--- this sh--.' "

Still, she's enjoying the ride these days (even going so far as to claim she's "pretty damn happy" right now), which means retirement probably isn't in the cards anytime soon. But if she had her way, would she really be out on the road touring and promoting her new album? Probably not.

"Isn't the point of life to find a partner, to settle down? That's the idea, isn't it?" she said. "I don't know if I want to get married. I know I want to be falling in love, that's the good sh-- there. And I know people have been reading that about me a lot, lately, so I just want to say that I am not actively hunting for a husband. Much."