Bow Wow Says Chris Brown Is Only Human: 'We're Not Perfect'

'We put our pants on the same way everybody else puts their pants on,' MC says of his fellow celebrities.

A number of questions have been raised in the wake of the alleged altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna on February 8. One of the biggest questions has been how Brown's arrest will affect his image and, ultimately, his career.

[artist id="1219435"]Bow Wow[/artist] told MTV News on Wednesday that Brown's career shouldn't be of any concern: "I just want people to know that as entertainers, our job is to entertain."

He said it's difficult to judge how this will affect Brown's career, but fans should understand that he's no different than anybody else. As artists, they have a responsibility to make records, tour and please fans, but they are still human. "We're not perfect," Bow said. "We put our pants on the same way everybody else puts their pants on."

Bow Wow said he's good friends with Brown, but he decided not to reach out to him. "I always like to put myself in people's shoes," he said. "I understand probably what he's going through by the whole world knowing what happened. I don't want to be another [person] calling him and wanting to talk to him."

Brown enjoyed a squeaky-clean image and seemed to never be without a smile, and e was a triple threat as a singer, dancer and actor. But the allegations have already affected him professionally. Brown has had to cancel shows and appearances and has lost ads with Wrigley's Doublemint Gum and the "Got Milk?" campaign.

Bow Wow said the best thing for Brown and Rihanna is privacy and for fans to pray. "The only thing you could really do is just pray for him and pray for her and hope that they can get back on their two feet and do what we love them for doing," he said.

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