Britney Spears' Dad Calls Sam Lutfi A 'Predator'

Jamie Spears testifies for 90 minutes to extend restraining order against Brit's former manager.

Just weeks before [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] is slated to kick off her highly anticipated comeback tour, her personal life is once again looking like a three-ring circus. In a Los Angeles courtroom on Monday, Brit's dad, Jamie Spears, testified for 90 minutes about what he claimed was predatory behavior by the singer's ex-manager, Osama "Sam" Lutfi.

According to The Associated Press, Jamie Spears made an impassioned plea in a rare open-court hearing about why he thinks a long-term restraining order should be issued against Lutfi and Spears' former boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. Spears' father called Lutfi a "predator," repeated allegations that Lutfi had ground medication into his daughter's food and said he thought Lutfi was a danger to the family. He did little, however, to establish that Lutfi had been in contact with Britney since a conservatorship was established a year ago to allow Jamie Spears to oversee his daughter's affairs.

Lutfi's lawyer, Bryan Freedman, said that Spears' testimony did not prove that a more permanent restraining order is necessary. Spears admitted under questioning from Lutfi's lawyer that he was not aware of any recent conversations between Lutfi and Britney. But Spears claimed that Lutfi had called Britney, tried to get Britney to call him and tried to relay a "Merry Christmas" message through the singer's hairdresser. He also said he found a call from Britney to Lutfi on a prepaid cell phone that his security team confiscated from her last month, which contained numbers for Lutfi and Ghalib. If Lutfi did contact Spears, it would be in violation of the court order in place against him to keep his distance from the singer.

TMZ reported that a nanny heard Britney talking to Ghalib and Lutfi on the prepaid phone early one morning and alerted Jamie Spears to the situation. Jamie Spears testified that Britney told him the phone was given to her at a hotel by someone who said it was from Lutfi and Ghalib.

Lutfi's lawyer argued that a "restraining order is for severe harassing conduct that causes substantial emotional distress" and that Spears' testimony "doesn't remotely come close to that."

According to NBC News, Lutfi denied that any of the communications with Britney were of a threatening nature. "I have not, in any alleged communications with Britney, her hairdresser or any other person, threatened any act of violence against Britney or her family," Lutfi reportedly said in a sworn declaration. Earlier his month, Lutfi sued Jamie Spears for non-payment of management fees and Britney's mother, Lynne, for defamation; he is also suing Jamie Spears for battery.

Judge Aviva K. Bobb ruled to extend the temporary restraining order against Lutfi, Ghalib and attorney Jon Eardley — who once claimed to represent Spears — until at least Wednesday, at which point Bobb is expected to rule on the request for a more permanent restraining order, according to the AP. Spears, Lutfi and Ghalib were not present at Monday's hearing.

The temporary order instructs the three men to stay at least 250 yards away from Spears, her parents and her children, and bars them from helping others file legal papers on Britney's behalf.

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