N.O.R.E. Charged With Battery In Fatburger Incident

On Twitter, MC -- also known as Noreaga -- disputes police report that flowers were involved.

[artist id="502126"]N.O.R.E.[/artist] — also known as Noreaga — is accused of punching an unidentified man three times at a Fatburger in South Beach, Florida. He was charged with simple battery and disorderly conduct, a police spokesperson told MTV News, who added that the MC threw a "yellow liquid" and was charged with "disrupting the normal flow of business."

The spokesperson also told MTV News that Nore allegedly vandalized one of the restaurant's flower bouquets. Miami Beach police arrived at the scene after calls of the disturbance to find Nore leaving with three of his associates; Nore and company were detained and the entire party was arrested.

On Monday, Nore took to his Twitter page to contest the report.

"There were no flowers involved," he wrote. "Repeat, no flowers."

Fans probably got a kick out of flowers being part of the equation — in 2005, Nore reportedly threw a flower pot at Nas during a dispute between the two. Nore also said his history of violence is far behind him, and he has grown.

"Seriously though, I am not a man for negative behavior, at least not now in my career and in my life ... I am way too grown to be getting locked up and in jail! LOL."

Nore also told fans that he is not deviating from his much-publicized diet. Late last year, he started detailing his exercise regimen and weight loss on vlogs. But he's still eating healthy: He is below the 300 pounds-plus he was at just last summer. He even joked about the 210 pounds he's listed in police reports.

"I didn't realize that most off y'all don't know that Johnnie Rockets, McDonald's and Fatburgers all have veggie burgers! LOL."

Nore and his partner Capone are releasing another reunion LP on March 17, this one called Channel 10. The first single features Ron Browz and is called "Rotate." On Monday, the pair released a "NY Gucci" remix that also features Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss and Swizz Beatz. Their MP3 blast says that remixes are coming soon.