Fans React To 'Inappropriate' Rihanna Photo Leak

Most fans agree the photo should have only been available if singer wanted to make it public.

NEW YORK — MTV News went out into Times Square on Friday (February 20) to see how [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] and [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] fans feel about the photo reportedly taken shortly after her alleged altercation with Brown on Grammy weekend. For the most part, fans seem genuinely displeased that the photo has made its way online.

"I think leaking the photo was an invasion of Chris Brown's and Rihanna's privacy because nobody really knows happened, so those photos shouldn't have been out," Nia Mani, 19, said. "That's crazy how it just got out like that, and it's so easy for people to see how she got hit. The photos shouldn't have been out yet."

Quatavia, 18, felt that since Rihanna and Brown have not publicly discussed the events that took place on February 8, the photo leak came at an inappropriate time. ([news id="1605148"]Brown[/news] and, on [news id="1605533"]Friday, Rihanna[/news], have both issued statements, but have not addressed the altercation in detail.)

"Honestly, me being a big fan ... even though they are artists and even though they are out there, their business shouldn't have been out put there," she said. "That's like someone taking your identity. That just shouldn't be done."

But, Mani added, despite all the publicity surrounding the photos, the public will soon find another issue to rally around. "In two months something new will come up, and no one will care anymore. If something else comes up, then Rihanna's issue won't be addressed anymore."

Erica Newsome felt the leak was a "sad" situation. The 20-year-old added, "Everyone deserves their own privacy. We don't know what's going on and we shouldn't judge. I'm just glad I'm not famous."

She also said that even though everyone is saying how wrong it is that the photo leaked, people are interested in it because "we're human so were looking at it. I'll admit I think I'm wrong for looking at it. I hope she gets over it. I hope she doesn't let it bring her down."

Also, fans felt that the only reason the photo should have been made public is if Rihanna wanted it that way. Mary, 18, said it's "highly inappropriate." "I'm not sure if she wanted people to see her like that, and it's unfortunate she has no privacy. I think the fact that it's leaked on TMZ means a lot more people are aware and they'll be a lot more opinions due to the fact that you can see what happens."

Stephanie, 18, added, "It's up to Rihanna and Chris Brown. It's their issue — they should be the ones to decide if they want their fans to know about it. It's not fair; it should be her personal issue."

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