Aubrey O'Day Shows Off 'Fearless Flair' For Richie Rich

The singer hits the runway for her designer pal at New York Fashion Week.

Most aspiring models would kill for the chance to walk in a major Fashion Week show like the one Richie Rich put on Wednesday night at the Waldorf-Astoria. But if you happen to be famous and his BFF, like Aubrey O'Day is, then all you have to do is call him up.

"Well, I think you're such an inspiration, your spirit, you're gorgeous, you're blonde and you know I love you," Richie told O'Day, our special fashion week correspondent. The former [artist id="2400155"]Danity Kane[/artist] member walked the runway several times for Richie when he designed for Heatherette, and she's also appeared in the ad campaign for Richie's solo line.

For the fall 2009 collection, Richie explained that he wanted his solo line to be more wearable than Heatherette. "I always have my finger on the pulse," he told MTV News. "I wanted to kick up my antics a little bit more. [Have] fun and forget your troubles.

"The whole line is based on Marilyn Monroe," Richie, who also designed a line of kicks for Vans, further explained. "It's like you when you were in school, and you were probably dreaming of the life you have right now, and it came true and it's the feeling that anything is possible."

When the pair met earlier in the week to determine what O'Day should don on the runway, they couldn't decide if she should wear the bright-pink top with a garter belt or the celebutante dress. (At the last minute, it was decided that O'Day would sport the former despite what the fans voted on in our poll.)

"I want skin, but I want fun," this month's Playboy cover girl told Richie. "I want to be free."

At the show, skin was definitely in for O'Day, who rocked her barely there outfit like the professional she is. "Everything is very last-minute," she shared about what it's like to get ready for a show. "And most of the stuff breaks, falls and snaps off at some point."

Aside from getting to keep the clothes, the singer revealed another perk of being a "celebrity walker." "But, because I'm a celebrity walker, I'm not 7-foot-2 and 92 pounds, like all the rest of these beautiful women here," she said. "I'm a little chunkier, and because of that I get to wear my hair how I want to."

O'Day had no regrets about the show when it was all said and done. She loved every minute of it, from what she wore to hanging out with her designer pal. "I had an amazing time," she said. "I love Richie Rich. I love what he's constantly doing with fashion. The clothes were fun and colorful and fantastic. They had a fearless flair."

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