Fans Continue To React Strongly To Alleged Chris Brown/ Rihanna Altercation

'Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love in Trouble,' aired on Monday.

[news id="1605061"]Fans continued to react strongly[/news] to the alleged altercation between [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] and [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] in the hours after [news id="1605167"]MTV News' special, "Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love in Trouble,"[/news] aired on Monday. [news id="1604577"]Brown was arrested on February 8[/news] on a criminal-threat charge; while no public statement has been made, many media reports have identified [news id="1604672"]Rihanna as the victim[/news].

For the show, MTV News gathered music-industry figures, relationship experts and a [news id="1605071"]forum of young people[/news] to talk about the matter.

"To all you guys who are mad at the press for putting Chris and Rih out there like that ... and not the other people who got into fights, it's because Chris and Rih are role models," musicalfeet commented. "But hey, they're still normal people and everyone can't be perfect."

Although [news id="1605148"]Brown apologized[/news] over the weekend for the incident (without addressing Rihanna), some fans felt that they need more answers before they can come to any conclusions. "What people need to start doing is stop judging," speakdatruth21 wrote. "And wait until the facts are released!"

"Everybody makes mistakes, and mistakes are sometimes what u can learn from. I think Chris Brown acted in a way people shouldn't," henney209 wrote. "Rihanna should move on. I feel bad about the situation. ... I guess celebs are humans like us."

Although many fans were surprised by the amount of coverage the story is getting, some like tash176 pointed out that once people are famous, their lives become an open book. "Once you are a celebrity, you are everyone's business. They know that going in," tash176 wrote. "However I don't support Chris Brown anymore ... Rihanna isn't my favorite but she did not deserve to be beaten."

Amid all the angry posts, one commenter, OpusVonD, pointed out that covering such issues with a celebrity angle helps bring light to the issue of domestic violence.

"How can we improve our next generation if we let things like these [go] unpunished and unnoticed?" OpusVonD wrote. "We must take a solid stand on unethical behavior regardless who the artist, the singer, the punker, the [politician] may be. Are we just multiplying in the world like ants? We are better than that. Trust me."

Go here for domestic violence resources, or check out Think MTV for a video handbook on spotting the warning signs of abuse.