Kanye West Explains 'Jockin' Jay-Z' Sample, Drops Exclusive Freestyle, More In Mixtape Monday

Plus: Jeezy on Bill O'Reilly jabs; Jamie Foxx on myriad 'Blame It' freestyles.

411: We told you months ago we were going to flip it up every now and again. Don't get comfortable (Shout-out to Lil Wayne — another guy who keeps 'em on their toes). This week, instead of the traditional mixtape pick of the week, we wanted to bring you an event — Kanye West came back last week. During Grammy weekend, West was a special guest of Sway and King Tech during their "Wake Up Show."

Back in the day, 'Ye was one of the plethora of MCs such as Eminem, Wu-Tang Clan and even Coolio that came up to the legendary radio show to prove their rap skills. It took a few years, but a few million album sales later, the lyrically improved and fan-approved Louis Vuitton Don returned. West engaged in no fewer than three freestyle ciphers and waxed poetic about a series of issues, from backlash about his clothing tastes to his new album and his haircut. In honor of his new book, "Feelings Are the Only Fact," in which he states his opinions on various topics, we gave "Joints to Check For" a rest this week. Instead, we'll give you "Points to Check For," where 'Ye explained a few things about what's on his mind.

"Points" to Check For

Kanye on Wearing Tight Jeans: "I see a lot of people wearing the exact same uniform and there's nothing wrong with that. But at what point did hip-hop get so many rules? Hip-hop was about breaking rules. I'm one of the most hip-hop people on earth because I say and do exactly what the f--- I wanna do and say, regardless of what type of backlash I get. The backlash I get right now — for dressing the way I dress or saying what I say or making music I do — that's the same backlash I got in high school for being hip-hop. I was always two steps ahead and I thought that was what hip-hop was. The whole baggy jeans versus tight jeans thing — Run DMC, Fat Boys, they wore tight jeans with gyms shoes and that was hip-hop. Then people started wearing big jeans and that was supposed to be hip-hop. When I first did big jeans, people said that was 'skater.' Now you think 'skater' and that's super tight jeans. ... They keep trying to label me but the labels won't stick."

Kanye on the Sample of Run's "Jockin' Jay-Z": "[Run] says, 'I see you jockin' J.C.' But it sounds like 'Jay-Z.' And I had the idea from the last album. I was like, man, I just need to make a beat 'cause it just messes with people's heads. Psychologically, they're like, 'How could he have said "jockin' Jay-Z" 20 years ago? Jay-Z was not out.' I love stuff that messes with people's heads when it happens."

Kanye on MCs Throwing Jabs at Him: "I was hooping the other day and was like, 'Why do all rappers come at me?' 'Cause we were playing 21. And I was like, 'Oh, rappers come at me 'cause I got 19.' When you got 19 and you playing 21, everybody rushes for you and you gotta come with extra types of lay-ups and stuff. Basically I'm playing the game with 19."

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The Streets Is Talking: News And Notes From The Underground

His lambo's blue, his president is black and so is his crib. Young Jeezy and his Corporate Thugz Entertainment (CTE) family are putting together a compilation street CD.

"I'm working on the mixtape right now," Young told homie Sway at the Grammy Awards. "The Black House: Thug Mansion. The streets called me, the 'hood looking for me. I gotta bounce back, baby."

Young also said he'd welcome Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller to come to his environment and discuss the claims made on "The O'Reilly Factor" that he and Jay-Z were racist based on lyrics in the song "My President."

"Uppercuts — they missed though," Jeezy shrugged off about the jabs Miller and O'Reilly threw at them. "Bob and weave, I was like Bush. I got white friends. It's nothing like that. I'm a taxpayer, I got a right to voice my opinion at any point in time. I don't think he really understands my struggle."

Besides The Black House, another mixtape to look for from CTE is a joint coming from Blood Raw. ...

Jamie Foxx digs the myriad of freestyles over his "Blame It (On the Alcohol)," beat. But the Oscar winner says it's time to do an official remix.

"I'mma tell you, I love 'em all. I love them cats," he said last Saturday in Los Angeles. "I'm gonna get them all together. But what we gonna do is flip the track though, so they can really get off. The track gotta flip and then let them come on it. But I love all them cats, it's a testimony to how big the record is."

N.O.R.E., Young Jeezy and Freeway all have "Blame It" verses. Foxx says Busta Rhymes is his favorite though.

"You know, Busta I love. That's my cat," Foxx complimented. "Lil Wayne, my cat. Juelz Santana laced one. But you know what's crazy? Trey Songz! Yo. But the original, that's the one."