Juelz Santana Denies He's Addicted To Syrup

Cam'ron's allegations were 'a shocker,' Santana says.

[artist id="400206"]Cam'ron[/artist] has shocked [artist id="1237281"]Juelz Santana[/artist]. In the new issue of XXL, Cam says he stopped speaking to Juelz because the youngest member of the Diplomats became addicted to sipping syrup a few years ago while on tour with [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist]. Cam told the publication he tried to intervene — even bringing Santana's mom in the mix for help — but Santana wouldn't listen.

"Juelz started drinking syrup — Robitussin," Cam said. "He got hooked onto it, addicted to it. You would come to the studio and see a hundred Hawaiian Punch pre-mixed with the stuff in it. We already smoked mad weed; you don't need to be on Robitussin." Cam also compared drinking a little bit of syrup to smoking a little bit of crack.

Santana defended himself, saying Cam's claims are ridiculous.

"For him to say he stop messing with me because I was drinking syrup — that's like Baby saying he doesn't mess with Wayne because he was drinking syrup," Santana said Thursday in Brooklyn while shooting scenes for The-Dream's "Rockin' That Thang" remix video. "He just wanted to say something and that was probably the only way he could say something and keep his character up. I was never addicted to syrup. I used to drink it on occasion. I don't know where that came from. [His comments] were a shocker to me, like, 'Damn, you would stoop low like that?' With his stomach situation, he was doing Percocet. It's not for me to say, 'Because he was using Percocet, I stopped speaking to Cam.' You'll say, 'I do Percocet because of my stomach.' But I've seen you do Percocet when your stomach is not bothering you. So that's besides the point."

Juelz inferred that Cam's revelation is just to get publicity for the upcoming Crime Pays LP.

"I still don't have the date for my album; what I told y'all about my [problems with Cam] wasn't to promote an album," Santana explained. "A lot of people asked me what was going on. I didn't want to bad-mouth, but I had to let them know the situation wasn't right business-wise ... at the end of the day, he never really answered the question, 'Did you do Juelz dirty, business-wise?' He said something like, 'What was Juelz doing before he met me?' Everybody has somebody that gave them their shot. He's trying to manipulate the situation to me. I was 15 before I met Cam. Obviously I wasn't doing too, too much. I never claimed to be a big drug dealer. I was in the 'hood looking for a way out and he gave it to me. But in the process, he took advantage. Let's get to that. When you see his interviews, he never really gets into that. He sways around it. But it's cool with me. I still wish him the best. But that syrup comment — I didn't understand where that came from.

"He has an album coming out — April, right?" Santana continued. "I kinda understand where it came from now. At the end of the day, if he was so much of a brother, he could have just called me or sat me down, not trying to call this person and that person. Not comparing syrup to crack. C'mon man. He knows I ain't buying it."