The Five Hottest Heartthrobs Without A Date For Valentine's Day

Ladies, you are not alone this February 14.

Single on Valentine's Day? Fret not, ladies, for you aren't the only ones! We've rounded up the latest details on the lives of Hollywood's hottest single guys. From the small-screen actor to the mega movie-stars to the pop singers, our top five guys may not always be perfect, but they're guaranteed heartthrobs — and there is probably at least one that is well-suited for you!

[movieperson id="405053"]Chace Crawford[/movieperson] - It's been almost a year since Crawford and "American Idol" alum [artist id="1933910"]Carrie Underwood[/artist] called it quits, and the "Gossip Girl" star has been single ever since. He's stayed busy, though — his role as Nate Archibald earned him the admiration of [artist id="2490602"]Leona Lewis[/artist] as well as a role in her new music video "I Will Be." The actor also put his fame to good use, starring in a public service announcement for's Teens for Jeans program. If you're a do-gooder that doesn't mind the awkwardness of a love triangle (Crawford's "Gossip" costar and real-life roommate Ed Westwick has been spotted canoodling with Crawford's onscreen girlfriend Jessica Szohr) then he might be your perfect valentine.

[movieperson id="313344"]Shia LaBeouf[/movieperson] - With his "Even Stevens" days a distant memory, Shia LaBeouf has turned into a heartthrob with a personal life as action-packed as his movies. While his love life once consisted of a long-term relationship with a "regular" girl — aka a non-celebrity — Shia is now reportedly single. He hasn't had a lack of drama in the past year, though — after being cited for a DUI for flipping his truck last summer with "Transformers" costar [movieperson id="1050687"]Isabel Lucas[/movieperson] in the passenger seat, LaBeouf's hand was injured and his license was suspended in January. (Lucas and her "Entourage"-star boyfriend, Adrien Grenier, called it quits soon after the vehicular mishap.) But if [movieperson id="171297"]Michael Bay[/movieperson] can rewrite the anticipated megablockbuster [movie id="369059"]"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"[/movie] to include LaBeouf's mangled hand, we think we can make room in our hearts for it too.

[artist id="1624630"]Jesse McCartney[/artist] - The singer's busy touring schedule forced him to drop out of M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender," even after putting in a month of kung-fu training. While he starts his tour movie-less and alone, the singer hasn't always been single — former flames include ousted Danity Kane member and Playboy centerfold Aubrey O'Day and "Taken" star [movieperson id="403782"]Katie Cassidy[/movieperson]. You can look forward to McCartney traveling to your town soon — check out his tour dates to find out where he'll be. Texas ladies, he'll be in Houston on Valentine's Day!

Bill Kaulitz - [artist id="2034673"]Tokio Hotel[/artist] frontman Bill Kaulitz may be an acquired taste, but the German definitely stands out in a crowd. Kaulitz has garnered equal amounts of criticism and unabashed devotion for his androgynous look and spiked hair. Regardless of style, the guy's a winner — Tokio Hotel's emo music and rabid fanbase helped them win Best New Artist at the VMAs last year. TH are currently in the studio working on the follow-up to Scream. Oh, and here's a tip, girls — he loves candy, so stock up on conversation hearts and get ready to ride off into the sunset in his monster truck.

[movieperson id="365131"]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson] - The actor became the crush-object of many "Twi-hards" when he assumed the role of vampire Edward Cullen in last year's blockbuster "Twilight.". Despite time off before "New Moon" begins filming in Vancouver, Pattinson hasn't left the spotlight. He caused quite the stir when he unexpectedly traded his signature wild locks for a closer crop, forcing many fans to examine how deep into the hairline their feelings really went. He also faced some scrutiny over the nature of his relationship with actress and Jonas' girlfriend Camilla Belle as she provided RPattz with some repeated red-carpet company. Even Joe and his brothers seem to be under his spell though, as they just expressed a desire to be on the "New Moon" soundtrack. If Bella Swann and the JoBros can't resist him, how can you?

Now the hardest part is picking just one. Happy Valentine's Day!

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