Aubrey O'Day Talks More About Her Playboy Shoot

'It's acting ... it's creating a character,' singer says of provocative photos.

Aubrey O'Day certainly isn't shy about her body. And with a Playboy photo spread about to hit newsstands on Friday, O'Day thinks that by posing for the famed men's magazine she can change people's idea of sexuality and show people it's OK to express yourself in such a way.

"We constantly feel the need to not say this or not wear this or do that, and taking it all off and being nude is the most natural state that you can be in," she told MTV News about the pictorial. "Being able to feel comfortable with that and show that sex can be a beautiful, comfortable — your sexuality can be a beautiful, comfortable thing — is going to be empowering for people.

(Check out photos from Aubrey's issue of Playboy.)

"And I think it's an important thing to be comfortable with your sexuality and feel liberated and not feel that you have to restrict yourself." She continued to say that if people "saw sex and sexuality in that [empowering] way in society then we'd have less AIDS, less STDs, less teen pregnancy and less girl-on-girl hate."

This isn't the first time that O'Day has turned heads with a racy photo shoot. Back in September 2008, while she was still a member of [artist id="2400155"]Danity Kane[/artist], she posed for Complex. Although she wasn't naked in the pictures, they were still very provocative. But, the singer shares that when it comes to photo shoots of this nature, it's just a fantasy world.

"But it's acting, it's a spread and it's creating a character — and for the people that loved it, great, because I loved it," she said. "I thought it was amazing, and for the people that didn't like it, I was playing a role and maybe they didn't like that role and it made them uncomfortable — but either way, it was just a role and it was fun."

In some ways, the Complex shoot played into the image that people already had of O'Day, and she doesn't mind if people walk away from it thinking that she's the sexed-up girl in those pictures. "Obviously I did a good job at it because everyone believed it one way or another. I love doing stuff like that," she said. "I love becoming a character — that's why I enjoy doing movies and TV, and even reality TV to a certain extent, because you become a character and it's fun. It's fun to go home and be yourself — and then wake up and be somebody else sometimes."

These shoots — and possibly even her decision not to return to Danity Kane — are all decisions O'Day made because she likes to keep things fresh, she said. "For me, I need constant change and I need to constantly be inspired," she explained. "I need to constantly have something thrown at me that I don't know if I can handle and figure out how to handle it — for me that's what gives me value as a person in life."