50 Cent Wants An Explanation For Lil Wayne's Dis Track

'If it's an issue, let's deal with the actual issue,' Fif says of Weezy's jabs at him on 'Louisianimal.'

With all the hype around 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross, [artist id="860639"]Fif's[/artist] blatant baiting of [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] has gotten lost in the mix. Maybe 50 will let any issues he has with Weezy die completely — that is, if Mr. Grammy Awards 2009 clears things up.

"I didn't say he was next," 50 said about his tirade against Wayne at the end of "Officer Ricky," a track primarily dissing Ross. 50 said he merely wants Wayne to explain a record called "Louisianimal," on which Weezy throws a couple of light jabs at the G-Unit general.

"He didn't create clarity for the public," 50 insisted. "If you don't do that and say something disrespectful that's for the public, I gotta do something to address it. He had material come out. I don't know if it was leaked or not.

"It's been so long since I was saying anything about Lil Wayne," 50 added, admitting he started with Wayne last year. "I gave him an award. At the BET Awards, I handed him a trophy. So when [his dis record] comes out, I say, 'Let me say something that makes him create clarity for the public.' If it's an issue, let's deal with the actual issue. If not, let it go."

During a recent interview in Venezuela, 50 Cent did some clearing up of his own. Remember that record "Play This on the Radio"? Fif's first dis record directed at Lil Wayne? Well, everyone in the streets was talking about how 50 might have been going after Kanye West with the opening line: "First they say, 'That f----t hot.' " Fif didn't do a very good job dismissing the innuendo when he interviewed with DJ Whoo Kid in the aftermath and jokingly questioned Kanye's sexuality.

Well, Fif told us he wasn't dissing 'Ye on the song and he has no issues with West.

"I never said Kanye's name," 50 told us with a grin. "I actually don't believe Kanye West is gay. He might be sensitive. Trying — try-sexual. But I know he's not gay."