Joshua Jackson Hopes 'Fringe' Follows 'X-Files' Example

The 'Dawson's Creek' alum says 'anything is possible' on his new Fox drama.

Over the span of [movieperson id="30823"]Joshua Jackson[/movieperson]'s illustrious career, he has gone from playing a Mighty Duck to quick-witted teen Pacey Witter on "Dawson's Creek" to the equally quick-witted crime-solver Peter Bishop on J.J. Abrams' "Fringe." But from the sound of it, the actor's attraction to this latest project is rooted in a longtime love.

"I was a huge 'X-Files' fan," Jackson told MTV News at New York Comic-Con. " 'X-Files' is like my show par excellence. In a perfect world, our show would become that show for the next generation. And I actually think we've come pretty damn close to that level of quality. We're getting close."

Jackson's character on the Fox drama is a rogue genius (and sometime outlaw), who is reunited with his mad-scientist father, Walter, after Walter is released from a mental institution. The father and son, along with FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, work to solve mysteries based in the world of fringe science.

"There is an unending amount of things that Peter is capable of doing," he said. "[J.J.] takes the story and he immediately tells the audience anything is possible. You wanted to jump the shark, well that already happened before the pilot. It's already gone; forget about it. Anything you think is possible is. ... We had a crazy porcupine monster last week. Everybody does it these days."

Jackson said he hopes that in some way "Fringe" mimics the "X-Files" formula of blending character development with a weekly mystery. "The thing that I loved about 'X-Files' is that every Friday night, I would get two or three things that were important about the characters," he said. "The story was always cool and engaging."

"Fringe," which airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET, is designed for both the fanatic and the casual viewer, Jackson explained. "I think our show has found its rhythm," he said proudly. "If you really want to watch every single week, if you're willing to come with us on the journey, then every week you're going to get a little piece of information. However, if you just drop in ... you will get a totally entertaining show."