Grammys Fashion: The Good, The Bad And The M.I.A.

Katy Perry channels classic Madonna, Leona Lewis doesn't do her figure any favors and much more.

The 2009 Grammy Awards saw everything from a pregnant rapper to matching pop stars to a James Bond-channeling boy band. There were a few rock bands who opted to go chic instead of grungy, and, of course, there were the mistakes of the night.

Here, we examine the good, the bad and the "what was that person thinking?" from the 2009 Grammy red carpet. (For a by-the-minute recap of the fabulous and faulty fashions, check out our [url id=""]Grammy red-carpet live blog[/url].)

Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift looked equally sophisticated in their black gowns and diamond drop earrings. It was adorable that the girls, who would later perform together, went for borderline-matching looks on the carpet. Katy Perry looked classy in a pink gown that hearkened back to Madonna's iconic look in the "Material Girl" music video. The members of Death Cab for Cutie and Kings of Leon cleaned up nicely for the show, donning suits and very little facial hair.

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The Jonas Brothers, who are known for their fashion choices, went for well-fitted, classic tuxes and looked like one cohesive, swoon-worthy group. Duffy looked age-appropriate, fun and classy in a short black dress and bouffant. Sheryl Crowe looked great in a baby-blue Grecian-style gown.

But, as always, there were some questionable fashion choices. Leona Lewis' dress looked ill-fitting and wasn't flattering to her curvy figure. Paula Abdul's yellow dress should be sent back to the future where it belongs. Jennifer Hudson made her red-carpet entrance with a disappointing dress that looked like it had a bib.

Solange Knowles made another "interesting" fashion choice with her very, very mini yellow dress that looked more like a shirt than a dress. Estelle was going for edgy, but her dress looked stiff and really took away from her awesome makeup ode to Motown. John Mayer was one of the more disappointing men of the evening. He knows how to look elegant, but his outfit Sunday bordered on boring. It was basically just a black jacket and suit pants.

The one woman who left us thinking, "Really?" was M.I.A. We should cut her some slack for showing up on her due date, but there's no excuse for wearing a blue-and-green printed dress that made her look like a globe. For appropriate maternity chic, she should have called Cate Blanchett for advice.

Will Lil Wayne grab all the gramophones? Is Katy Perry going to tell her girl rivals to kiss off? Can Coldplay march off with a win? MTV News is all over the 51st Annual Grammy Awards, so stay tuned for interviews, analysis and more before, during and after the big night.