Rick Ross Responds To 50 Cent's Taunts With 'Kiss My Pinky Ring'

Beef between the rappers doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.

[artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] insists he still isn't keyed-up about his rivalry with [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist]. Ross dropped a new dis track aimed at 50 called "Kiss My Pinky Ring Curly."

As he said in a video released earlier this week, Ross is "barely excited" with the outcome of the beef thus far, and toward the end of the record he announces that his LP Deeper Than Rap is slated for a March 24 release.

"Fake teeth, fake street/ Only fake n---as feed off of fake beef," the Miami heavyweight raps. "I took my money like Sha Money/ My money's safe I could retire, money."

Ross also addresses 50 taking Ross' ex-girlfriend, Tia Kemp on a shopping spree. (She and Ross are currently embroiled in a child support/ paternity suit.) Ross raps that 50 should have had sex with Kemp.

Kemp has aligned with 50 to write a book about Ross to be released on the same day as his album; the book has a similar title to the LP, "Tia's Diary: Deeper Than Rap." Ross' attorney released a statement earlier today about the child support/paternity lawsuit. 50 recently said the back-and-forth isn't going to end anytime soon.

Both parties have vowed to ride this out with responses for the long run. On "Pinky Ring," Ross promised a dis on his album called "Schindler's List."

"It's so disrespectful," the Southern King said after repeatedly calling 50 a "monkey."

On Saturday while in Tampa for the Super Bowl, Ross said 50 was disgracing Dr. Dre. "He depreciates the value of [artist id="1061"]Dr. Dre's[/artist] production," Ross told radio station 95.7 the Beat on Saturday. "He smears Dre's legacy. He hurts the anticipation of Detox by Dre giving this artist beats that can't rap."