50 Cent Says Rick Ross Beef Will Only 'Get Worse'

Fif's latest weapon: transcripts from Ross' child support/ paternity case.

The second release date [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] had chosen for Before I Self Destruct — February 3 — has come and gone. Fif said he doesn't have a new date for his album yet, but he's just about done and is mixing songs for the LP.

"Crack a Bottle," featuring [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist] and [artist id="1061"]Dr. Dre[/artist] (which has been blowing up, especially in California) will be on Self Destruct. 50 said there are plans to shoot an animated video for it, as well as a live-action clip for "I Get It In."

But the real headline hog for 50 has been his beef with Rick Ross. There's no stopping the runaway freight train that is the 50/Ross back-and-forth. After a few days in Venezuela, 50 Cent promised MTV News that he's going to turn the heat up on his new rivalry.

"It's interesting. It'll get worse," said 50, sitting with [artist id="1245018"]Lloyd Banks[/artist], [artist id="1689514"]Tony Yayo[/artist] and [artist id="2339026"]DJ Whoo Kid[/artist].

Fif said he's purchased court transcripts from Rick Ross' child-support case. According to 50, the documents state that the Miami rapper's income is $200,000 a year and the jewelry he wears isn't real. 50 said Ross is lying in his raps or to the courts, and if that's the case, he's a "deadbeat dad."

"Because he was disrespectful, I found it in my heart to get the transcripts," 50 laughed.

Ross' attorney, Allan Zamren, released a statement Friday (February 6) about the court case. "Mr. Ross is currently involved in a child support/ paternity case with a woman who is claiming he is the father of a 3-year-old male child," the statement read. "There are statements being made alleging Mr. Ross is the father of this child but not taking care of the child financially or otherwise; that is absolutely not true. As a matter of fact and for the record, every month on or about the first of the month, Mr. Ross pays a substantial amount of money, in excess of state of Florida child-support guidelines to this child's mother for the support of the child."

Last week, 50 launched a salvo some called below-the-belt when he flew Tia Kemp, the woman involved in Ross' child support/ paternity case, to New York for an interview and shopping spree. Fif posted pictures of himself and Kemp all over ThisIs50.com. The Web site is also advertising a tell-all book by Kemp called "Tia's Diary: Deeper Than Rap," which is slated for March. "She was a really nice person," 50 told MTV News.

50 said he was shocked that Ross took back a truck he was letting her drive. Zamren also explained why Kemp no longer has the truck.

"A motion to return the motor vehicle that has been the subject on various Internet Web sites was provided to the mother prior to 2009 for various reasons, including but not limited to being charged for aggravated battery, battery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor when the mother used the vehicle as a deadly weapon," Ross' attorney stated. "The mother failed to put the child in a car seat and purposely drove the vehicle into another while the young child was in the car."

On Thursday, a Web site called OfficerRicky.com was launched. The site features T-shirts for sale and several Photoshopped pictures of Rick Ross as a police officer. The G-Unit general has not taken responsibility for the site.

Ross released a video called "Gang Related" on Thursday, in which he pours out Formula 50 Vitamin Water, much like someone would do when they are paying homage to a dead homie.

"He depreciates the value of Dr. Dre's production," Ross told radio station 95.7 the Beat on Saturday. "He smears Dre's legacy. He hurts the anticipation of Detox by Dre giving this artist beats that can't rap.

"I don't get sidelined with monkey talk," he continued. "That's my response: a #1 hit."

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