Dawn Richard Explains The Origin Of Danity Kane Comics

'She can control people with her voice,' Richard says of her singing heroine.

Former Danity Kane member Dawn Richard is a comic book geek, and her love of comic art led her to create her own character when she was in high school.

"My teacher said, 'I'd like you to draw your alter ego. ... And I had been performing before all of this, and people would always say I was different onstage than I was in person," she explained about the inspiration behind Danity Kane Comics. "I had a lot of insecurities growing up. So does every kid. I never was insecure onstage. I always felt like that was home, so I created [artist id="2400155"]Danity Kane[/artist] based on that. ... The character was always there. I just made the comic book so that people could see how she was created.

She later described the story to her Danity Kane bandmates, and they named their group after it. "She's a woman out of this world," she told MTV News. "She's an alien, but she looks like us — very beautiful. She comes from another planet, and, basically, she can control people with her voice. She's a singer. That's what they do, but they protect Earth."

She added that there are many parallels between Danity Kane and Dawn Richard, since both have seen the dark side of the music industry. "There's this villain who owns a record label as a front — hint, hint, hint, hint — and he wants to take over Earth, and they kidnap her and take her over to Earth. She joins the record label not knowing what the record label is and becomes huge. Thus, the triangle of who's honest, who's not. ... She fights evil to protect us."

But Richard isn't relying on other people to do the creative work for her. She is hands-on when it comes to working on the comic. "I do the sketches, and then I give it to an illustrator," she said, adding that the response from the comic book community has been positive.

"I never thought it would be that big, and I never thought it would be that hard, 'cause I had to do it all on my own," she said. "Distributors don't necessarily gravitate to new things. I had to do it all on my own. Hopefully, it gets big enough."

Richard plans to expand her comic book empire sometime next year when she adds a manga-style book to the series. "It's going to be February of 2010 that we're going to do a whole series in the manga style. We have to go into a whole 'nother audience. It's a whole 'nother world. They're like how DK fans are ... it's amazing. I love it. They're very faithful."