Killers Talk About White House Visit

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci says Barack Obama's White House has a 'good vibe."

Perhaps, last week, you saw the Associated Press photo of the [artist id="1244299"]Killers[/artist] wandering around the White House, looking slightly dazed and decidedly underdressed for the occasion (certainly a first for them).

You probably looked at that picture and thought to yourself, "What were they doing there?" We were determined to get to the bottom of this, so we reached out to the Killers themselves to see how they scored invites to Barack Obama's new digs.

"We were in D.C., had a day off, decided to pay a visit ... why not?" drummer Ronnie Vannucci told MTV News. "It's important to us, and I personally enjoy American history."

Vannucci said the entire band was pretty blown away by the White House tour, even if they didn't get to meet our new commander in chief.

"Unfortunately, we just missed him, as he was off to his first big briefing at the Pentagon. However, his staff were very accommodating and friendly," Vannucci said. "We were told [Obama] occasionally rocks our tunes when he's not fixing the country. Although, it's just hearsay at this point — the listening-to-the-Killers part."

And in keeping with Obama's new "cool and casual" White House vibe, the Killers decided to dress down for the big event. Well, everyone except their drummer, that is.

"We didn't feel underdressed. I wore a nice wool blazer," he said. "That being said, usually bands are able to get away with some dress-code issues. Generally, we're well-dressed men anyway."

But behind closed doors, and away from the prying eyes of the press corps, are things really as laid-back as Obama would have us believe? Most definitely.

"[He's got a] great house! Good vibe, Nag Champa [incense], candles — your typical White House vibe," Vannucci laughed. "I even managed to bang out Bob Seger's 'Old Time Rock and Roll' on the White House Steinway [piano]. Even the Secret Service guys were cool with that."