Dakota Fanning Talks 'New Moon,' Robert Pattinson

'I really hope it works out,' actress says of playing Jane in the 'Twilight' franchise.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — With two films opening next weekend, [movieperson id="266826"]Dakota Fanning's[/movieperson] life is pretty crazy these days. And as soon as she signs on the [movie id="369195"]"Twilight"[/movie] dotted line, she knows it's going to get even more insane.

"I know that a lot of people know about it," the soon-to-be-15-year-old star of [movie id="362438"]"Push"[/movie] and [movie id="301308"]"Coraline"[/movie] told MTV News on Friday (January 30), referring to her ongoing negotiations to join "New Moon" as Jane. "I'm glad that people are excited about me possibly being in it. That's so nice!"

What's nice for Twilighters is the thought of the critically praised child star bringing her considerable talents to their beloved franchise — a deal that she told us was looking quite good at the moment. "I wouldn't say it's 100 percent, but it's definitely, obviously a possibility and something that would be really cool," exclaimed the star of such blockbusters as "War of the Worlds" and "Man of Fire." "I really hope it works out."

The high-profile sequel would mark a huge departure from Fanning's typical roles, casting her as a sadistic Volturi guard who has the power to inflict immense pain on those who cross her. "It's definitely something that I look forward to," she said. "I think you have to do all kinds [of roles], and eventually I am going to be the person you hate in a movie. And that's the fun thing about acting: You can be sweet and be mean at the same time in different films."

Explaining why she'd be a good fit for Jane, Dakota added: "We're both pale. ... I don't think they'd have to put a lot of makeup on me if it works out. I'm pretty pale as it is."

Fanning also revealed that while she hasn't read all of Stephenie Meyer's novels yet, it is her love for [movieperson id="82477"]Catherine Hardwicke's[/movieperson] film that makes her want to join "New Moon" and take her own character into the franchise's future movies. "I haven't read all of them," she explained. "But I have seen the film, and I'm a very big fan of the cast. I love all of them. I would look forward to getting to work with them."

And, naturally, since Dakota is a teenage female, we couldn't resist asking the obvious question: If the actress shot a scene opposite heartthrob [movieperson id="365131"]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson], could she keep herself under control?

"He is very, very cute," she giggled. "But I'm sure I would be.

"The part that I play gets to interact with a lot of the characters, so that would be cool," Fanning added. "[The Volturi] are kind of mean. I think it would be definitely a different part than I've ever played — and I'd get to be a little evil for once."

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