Dawn Richard's Non-Danity Kane Project: Writing Songs For Bad Boy's Cassie

'She's doing some great things. I think people are going to be very impressed with her sound,' singer says of work with Cassie.

Although [artist id="2400155"]Dawn Richard[/artist] may not know exactly where her career is going to go in the wake of Danity Kane's apparent split, she is working hard and working with other artists to hone her craft. So, until she is given the green light to book her own studio time, she'll be writing songs for Bad Boy Entertainment's [artist id="2335742"]Cassie[/artist].

"She's doing some great things. I think people are going to be very impressed with her sound. It's very club-driven but [with] a lot more soul in it," Richard told MTV News. "She's improved so much. I think, all around, it's going to be a new groove for Cassie. And I'm proud to be a part of it."

Richard admits that "Puff is on some 007 lockdown" so she can't say too much about the project, but added, "He's trying me on some things [on the album]. You never know with [artist id="1244169"]Puff[/artist]. You'll be singing the whole thing and the song comes out and it's another girl. I can't say anything definitely, but I like being in this situation right now."

She may have this project to keep her busy for now, but Richard admits that everything is very up in the air for her. "Our lives are on hold right now," she said, adding, "It's not like I want to be hustling like this. If you've seen thousands of people singing your songs, I don't want to be hustling. I'm doing it 'cause I have to. The only choice is to move forward."

And with that, she remains very optimistic about the future. "The sky's the limit. That's a lot right now. I really want to start singing again. I just want the fans not to feel discouraged just 'cause we're not together, still support [us]," she said. "I never wanted our fans to have to pick. I just [hope] Danity Kane fans stay Danity Kane fans. You get mixed up in it. I'm not gonna lie. I feel like if you're honest, you can fix it and move on."