My Chemical Romance's 'Desolation Row' Video Elates Fans

Sneak peek makes fans eager for even more new MCR material.

Long-waiting [artist id="1231843"]My Chemical Romance[/artist] fans came to in droves Thursday to catch a sneak peek at the band's first bit of new material since their Welcome to the Black Parade album: a cover of Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row" for the upcoming "Watchmen" film.

And judging from the reactions we got, members of the MCRmy liked what they saw.

"That is just too awesome! They all look amazing!" community member I Am a Monster wrote about the "Desolation" video, which was directed by "Watchmen" helmer Zack Snyder. "I was freaking shaking! And just ... WOW!"

"As if the song wasn't epic enough!" biting_bullets added. "Gee-sus, I'm so excited. How long has it been since we've had any new MCR? Too long. Plus, I screamed when I saw Gerard. By God, his child will be gorgeous."

While the video — and singer Gerard Way's appearance — passed with flying colors, there did seem to be one bone of contention fans had to pick with MCR: Just when would they be hearing more new music from the band?

"The song sounds a little over-produced, but other than that, it's awesome," Reeblite wrote. "Can't wait for their new stuff. Love [guitarist Frank Iero's side project] Leathermouth."

"Oh, I miss them so much!" user Muffinxpistol wrote. "I'm so happy they did a video!"

Still, nitpicking aside, MCR fans seem to love the band's new direction and sound, and they're happy to have My Chem back in their lives. It's a feeling of elation one user, Camila MCR, summed up thusly: