Rick Ross Is Not Impressed With 50 Cent's Dis Track, 'Officer Ricky'

Ross gives 50 '48 hours' to 'come up with another one!'

[artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] has heard "Officer Ricky (Go 'Head, Try Me)," 50 Cent's response to his "Mafia Music," and he said he's not impressed.

"We all gonna act like we didn't hear that," Ross told Shade45 morning host Angela Yee on Friday morning (January 30). "We gonna give him 48 hours. Time to come up with another one!"

On 50's track, which hit the Net Thursday night, the G-Unit star taunts Ross for his history as a correction officer.

"Officer Ricky radio for backup/ See your a-- anyway, you know I'm gonna act up," 50 raps. "You wanna play with me when I don't wanna play?/ Have my n---as whip the skin off your a-- in broad day/ Screaming, 'Boss,' n---a , you ain't a boss/ Pu--- n---a, you're lost/ Listen, Officer Ross."

"Officer Ricky" is a response to Ross' own dis track, in which the Miami rapper dived into 50's legal troubles with the mother of his child.

Ross wouldn't reveal the reason for the rift between the two rappers, saying "it's not important." 50, however, has been embroiled in a war of words with Ross allies [artist id="611"]Fat Joe[/artist] and [artist id="1800901"]DJ Khaled[/artist] for some time now. 50's Web site, Thisis50.com, also posted pictures in the past of Ross in various police uniforms.

The Miami rapper explained to Yee that he wanted to talk to 50 Cent during the most recent BET Awards. He said 50's facial expression, however, left him "disappointed" when he spotted him. Ross compared the expression to the look DJ Vlad wore when he was involved in a physical altercation with associates of Ross.

After that response from 50, Ross said he decided not to approach the G-Unit head.

"When I finally got the opportunity to bump into him, I planned to have words, but he disappointed me, so I kept it moving," Ross said.

Ross reiterated at the end of the interview again how shocked he was by 50's response, which he characterized as poor.

"I was positive that couldn't be the response," Ross said.