Thelma & Louise, Khan And More Of Rose McGowan's Favorite Badasses

'Planet Terror' star lists her faves before we crown the Greatest Movie Badass of All Time.

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[movieperson id="41903"]Rose McGowan[/movieperson] is something of a badass actress and film buff herself. She has starred in [movie id="94687"]"Scream,"[/movie] [movie id="346379"]"Planet Terror"[/movie] and [movie id="91834"]"The Doom Generation."[/movie] She is currently attached to star in the film version of the comic [movie id="401247"]"Red Sonja,"[/movie] only adding to her badass credibility. We can hardly fault her for including herself on her own greatest badass list. Twice.

Rose's Top Badass Villains

» [movie id="346410"]Stuntman Mike, "Death Proof"[/movie] (2007)

» [movie id="33077"]Khan, "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan"[/movie] (1982)

» [movie id="43929"]Mrs. Danvers, "Rebecca"[/movie] (1940)

» [movie id="3619"]Roy Batty, "Blade Runner"[/movie] (1982)

» [movie id="24547"]Jesse Hooker and Severen, "Near Dark"[/movie] (1987) — the best vampire movie ever!

» [movie id="34870"]The Terminator, "The Terminator"[/movie] (1984)

» [movie id="26101"]Kathie Moffat, "Out of the Past"[/movie] (1947)

» [movie id="93840"]John Doe, "Seven"[/movie] (1995)

» [movie id="15742"]John Ryder, "The Hitcher"[/movie] (1986)

» [movie id="859"]The Alien, "Alien" [/movie] (1979)

» [movie id="878"]Alien Queen, "Aliens"[/movie] (1986)

» [movie id="27556"]Predator, "Predator"[/movie] (1987)

» [movie id="133435"]Agent Smith, "The Matrix"[/movie] (1999)

» [movie id="132065"]Courtney Shayne, "Jawbreaker"[/movie] (1999) — although I think she was just misunderstood.

Rose's Top Badass Heroes

» [movie id="136238"]Lester Burnham, "American Beauty"[/movie] (1999)

» [movie id="2355"]Henry Chinaski, "Barfly"[/movie] (1987)

» [movie id="27933"]Norman Bates, "Psycho II"[/movie] (1983)

» [movie id="42406"]"Mad" Max Rockatansky, "The Road Warrior"[/movie] (1981)

» [movie id="35067"]Thelma & Louise, "Thelma & Louise"[/movie] (1991)

» [movie id="346379"]Cherry Darling, "Planet Terror"[/movie] (2007)

» [movie id="115750"]The Dude, "The Big Lebowski"[/movie] (1998)

» [movieperson id="24887"]Cary Grant[/movieperson], in every Cary Grant movie ever made.

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