Dawn Richard Says Diddy 'Angry' Over Danity Kane Split

Singer denies rumor that Puff is setting her up for solo career.

After revealing the surprising news that [artist id="1244169"]Diddy's[/artist] hugely popular girl group Danity Kane had split, Dawn Richard still couldn't find the words to express her own feelings about the breakup.

"I'm shocked," she said of Danity Kane's dissolution, which has saddened and angered fans. "You can tell by my answers — I really don't have them. It's devastating to talk about this over and over again. It is crazy! It doesn't even make sense. I still can't understand it."

Richard insisted that she can't speak for the other girls and doesn't know where they stand on trying to make it work again. "The last time I tried to speak for someone," she said, "they blew it up the wrong way."

Diddy invited all the girls back for the upcoming season of "Making the Band," Richard explained, because he always puts business before any personal problems he has with someone. "Puff's a businessman," she said. "Puff knows what's smart. No matter how much beef you have, [you put it aside] for your business. He knew we have a big fanbase. We got to get this stuff fixed. That's why he kept trying to fix it. We thought everyone was coming back, or at least trying."

She even touched on the rumors that Diddy kicked Aubrey O'Day and D. Woods out of the group last October in order to set Richard up for a solo career. She said that since she doesn't even know if she has any career at this point, that is the furthest thing from the truth.

"No one is in cahoots with Puff," she said. "Puff is in cahoots with himself. Everyone who knows Puff knows Puff rolls with himself. His hustle is money. That's what he does. I'm just devastated. I wish the rumors were true."

She's hoping that Diddy will recognize since she was one of the few willing to try to make Danity Kane work that he'll give her another chance. "Puff only hangs with people who break their necks," she said. "I don't think he's even on that tip yet [regarding a solo career]. He just wants to see how great I can be at what he tells me to be great at, and that's what a businessman does. He wants his employees to be the best.

"It makes you great 'cause it challenges you," she added. "I want to learn. I want to be where he is mentally because if you can be there, you have mastered this interest. And that's brilliant. I want to be here. I'm trying to stay here. I thought everybody was on that plan."

At the end of the day, though, it might be a little bit more than just business for Diddy. It seems that he's pretty upset by the whole situation as well.

"I think he's devastated. I think he thought people would get over it 'cause he's a man," Richard said. "He's just confused. I think that's what makes him crazy the most. He's like, 'I'm the master of all of this, and they totally pulled the wool.' I think he's bitter and angry."

Viewers can see everything unfold on the next season of "Making the Band," which premieres on February 12.

At press time, a rep for Diddy had not commented on Richard's statements.

[This story was originally published at 8:00 am E.T. on 1.30.2009]