Kanye West Sounds Off About Himself (Again) In E-Mail To Media

In the wake of a hateful e-mail circulated under his name on Wednesday, West writes e-mail about his Paris trip.

Some bloggers and fans have lambasted [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] this week for sending out a playful vlog where he called himself "Martin Louie the King Jr.," but that was probably just Kanye having fun. But in the wake of a hateful e-mail that was falsely circulated under his name late Wednesday (which we're not going to recap here), on Thursday he sent out an e-mail message to the media, in which he talked about his recent trip to the Paris fashion shows.

In his usual all-caps blogging style, which we've put into normal case for readability, West wrote that he feels like the embodiment of nuclear energy, and the trip has not only inspired his fashion, but music, stage designs and outlook on life.

"I always feel my best work is my next work," he wrote. "I've made some good choices and some mistakes. I've been loved and hated. I've been hailed and ridiculed. I've been invited to shows and as usual asked not to come. ... I've been attacked for being me. For being bright red in a grey world ... When encapsulated in an idea or box like a stage or shoe design, I create magic."

In Paris, 'Ye debuted a sneaker he designed for Louis Vuitton. As the e-mail continued, he acknowledged that he isn't perfect and cannot live his life trying to be "Christ Like." He also wrote about learning from and taking responsibility for his mistakes. He will not conform, however.

"Life is a game!" he declared. "If everyone understood what I was doing when I was doing it, there would be no challenge therefore no game. It is the crack in the wall that allows light to shine through. ... Thank you to anyone who thrives on the downfall of others, for I will not fall! Your pessimism is my power. Your presumptions lead to my redemptions.

"I have lost everything so I am fearless," he added. "You obviously don't know who you're up against. I will spark a generation of thinkers who will question traditional thought until they find the absolute truth. Thank you for giving me someone to prove wrong as I have done for my entire life. You feel the world will never change. You feel misery is the only company and I am here to prove you all wrong. ... Thank you, Paris, once again for allowing me access to the greatest artists and designers this earth has to offer. ... Thank you for the invitation because genius loves company."